A better way to do social media.


In a constantly-changing digital world, up to date and tactical social media knowledge is everything.

That’s why we focus on learning + implementing, so that we can kick goals for our clients AND teach you social media strategies that have been proven to work.

So whether you’re managing a social media presence for your own business, manage social accounts for other businesses or need to outsource it to someone else — The Digital Picnic will help you step up your social game.

Acknowledgement of Country

We here at TDP respectfully operate on Kulin Nation land, and we would like
to take this opportunity to acknowledge that we live, work and play on the lands
of the oldest living culture known to the world.

We honour this privilege and responsibility with respect, humility and curiosity.

We acknowledge the wisdom, diversity and innovation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of seeing and being, and their elders past, present and emerging.

Things we do


Attend one of our workshops, facilitated live by our strategy team.

Social Media Management

Outsource to TDP and enjoy solid results and get more of your time back.

1:1 Sessions

Get your social media strategy mapped out for the next 12 months, and spend 2 hours with one of our strategists 1:1.

Online courses

Sharpen your social media skills without leaving the house.

How we do it


We start with the obvious: we can run your social media marketing for you. And we do this well, because we’ve always done it well … we’ve done internet geekery from the moment dial-up internet hit our homes when we were pimply 14 year old kids.

Because we know there’s power and empowerment in learning to do all of this yourselves, we also teach social media and digital marketing via live workshops and online courses. Our teaching style and workshop facilitation became the big thing that we do. It’s generated the national recognition we needed to be able to refer to ourselves as leaders in social media training. Because we are, we really are, we walk that walk and TEACH that walk, too.


What we do is human. We’ve created a really beautiful workplace that hires talented human beings, and remunerates them appropriately. They’re subsequently happy, and do good digital marketing work. Our workplace is progressive, and inclusive, and psychologically safe, and you’ve just got *no* idea how much that impacts on a much wider scale.

You can feel this at every one of our touchpoints, whether you’re one
of the beloved clients we have in our tight AF SMM portfolio, or you’ve sat in an in-person workshop we’ve run, or in the virtual classrooms of the various online learning programs we run throughout the year, or perhaps you’ve been one of the internal marketing teams we’ve met via
our corporate training?


In 2020, the Australian Financial Review named our workplace as “one of the best places to work” in Australia, and humility completely out the door? … we passionately agree with them.

The thing is, we’re not here to tell you how amazing we are or how amazing it is to work at TDP [we quietly do our behind-the-scenes company culture stuff, with zilch need for acknowledgement in that space]. Instead? We’ll tell you that it’s you who benefits by working with a company like us, whose work culture has won nominations from publications like the AFR, because it simply translates to happy humans.

Our people are happy people. And happy people do good work. Take one peek at our socials and you’ll feel why we’ve been awarded the nominations that we have. You can literally feel it. Become a client of ours [in our workshop setting, or our social media management setting], and you’ll see how different it is to work with a digital marketing agency that has a human-centric workplace culture.

The blog

When we’re not turning ad spends of $200 into 13-14k ROI for our clients?
… we’re writing blogs.

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