Learning for Social Success
The Digital Picnic offers social media workshops and digital media training to individuals, small business owners and corporate teams who want to become more social savvy. We’ve trained over 1,500 social media workshop attendees and run social media workshops across Australia in addition to our ePicnic Online Social Media Course.
The Digital Picnic manages a range of digital media services for our clients including social media strategy development, content planning, email marketing and influencer outreach.
Group Workshops
Spend a day and connect with other small business folk while you up-skill in all things social media and digital marketing.
Corporate Training
Custom solutions for marketing teams seeking a strategic and effective social media approach, or just some fresh ideas.
Don’t let distance stop you! Learn the ropes at your own pace with our online course, no matter your location. CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR ENROLMENT. Email us to register your interest.
1:1 Custom Sessions
Spend 2 hours with our gurus and get the info you need to nail your social media strategy or digital analytics. Inspiration guaranteed.
Our Team
Our team is small, but experienced and extremely passionate about the power of social media and its power to truly transform businesses. Find out what makes us tick, apart from Digital Media of course!
So you want to be a Social Media Manager? We’ll get you up and running in no time with our essential guide to the business.
“You know that feeling you get when you come away from something and you’re so incredibly excited and pumped that you just want to do everything now???!! Well that was me.”
Emma Clohesy
“Get Social Savvy helped me enormously with planning, posting and content decisions and based on this more followers, likes, comments and shout-outs have been rolling in. YAY!”
Lauren Peters
“I did a custom 1:1 session at TDP yesterday and my head is still spinning! In a good way! Thank you so much Mel. Such a wonderful combination of – you’re doing this well, and you might want to try this. So many new ideas, encouragement to do new things!”
Helle Warming

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