10k Followers in 1 Day

Wait, what?


You didn’t *really* think TDP would be all about, 10k followers in 1 day did you?


Aw, hell no. That’s not us. And that shouldn’t be anyone. We’re about community. Growing genuine followers. Creating genuine engagement from genuine followers [Instagram engagement pods, be gone!]. And ultimately? Turning those genuine followers, who are genuinely engaging, into genuine customers.


Because it’s called social media guys, … not buy-my-product media.


HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S!  Because we’re not just a bunch of DigiGeeks, … but punks too.  Who love a good prank.


You got punked.


But if genuine followers, who are genuinely engaging, & ultimately genuinely converting are your thing, feel free to book our FO’ REAL workshops here.

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