Take $50 off a
1:1 Coaching Session

We WISH we could pick EVERYONE to have won our recent giveaway to win a x1 hour paid ads coaching session with us.

But because we’re big ol’ empaths who want everyone to be winning in the paid ads space? We’d love to offer you this same service for $500 instead of $550 [you could use the $50 saved to throw onto your next brand awareness campaign to push the visibility further, perhaps?].

Spend an hour with the Strategists who consistently deliver big results for our clients. Come with your curliest questions, brainstorm strategies or simply get a second opinion – it’s all up to you!

This offer ends at the June 30, 2023 – See the form below to book in! 

So, how does a 1:1 Coaching Session Work?

Our Coaching Sessions give you time with a Digital Marketing expert to ask anything you like.

When you book in, we give you to fill out a little questionnaire to complete so we can understand what you’re hoping to achieve in the session.

But really, the session is all about answering your questions and giving completely customised advice.

The full details

✌🏼 1-hour coaching sessions are held via Zoom

✌🏾 You’ll need to fill out the pre-session questionnaire 4 days prior to your session

✌🏾 The session is self-contained. To keep it affordable we don’t pop together a report, but if you want to continue the convo we can book in additional sessions

✌🏿 We reserve the right to reschedule any session [because, #lifehappens] and will give you as much notice as possible.

Book your 1:1 coaching session

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