When Ali from Feather & Noise asked Cat + I to join her for a feature shoot showcasing her ‘February Collection’, I almost died laughing.  Like, dead.  Kaput.  Done for.  Models? Cat, definitely! She has the cheekbones, the collarbones, & the best bangs in the biz!  Me? Well, let’s just say my second pregnancy has left me decidedly “festively plump”.  And so I thought about this for roughly 34 seconds, & then I said, “sure! Why not!”.  Why? Well, because I just decided that perhaps? F&N customers might actually enjoy seeing a little bit o’ “festive plump” in their ‘February Collection’.  Because for so many of us, that is our reality, & I am learning to be comfortable with my festively plump physique.

And so that was that.  Cat & I signed ourselves up for our “pretend model” life.  And what a day-in-the-life-of we did indeed end up having! The set? Only the most beautiful home I think I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  The styling? Be still my beating heart.  The clothes? As if we’d picked them out ourselves.  The drinks? Pimms.  So basically, … one of my faves! The food? Beyond words.  The photographer? The actual best dry wit I’ve come across since my sister left Australia for Scotland four years ago (actually, it made me miss her immsenly).  And Ali? Actual kindest human being!

We’re thrilled with the photos! The clothes! The colours! The styling! And we just actually know you’ll love the clothes as much as we loved wearing them. Pop over to the Feather & Noise blog; Makin’ Noise for the full shoot!

… I still can’t believe Ali got me into a playsuit!