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Tell us more about yourself

I’m Brianna… Stay at home mum to two pretty cute girls, and little biz owner Simply Type… I create wooden signs in my spare time (ha, yeah right!?!) All signs are handmade by my little ‘ol hands (or hubby’s) & all designs are created by me…


Why did you start your business?

I started the business about 4 years ago.. There were a few reasons why I wanted to start Simply Type…first one was that my number 1 daughter was a terrible sleeper & I needed a hobby! To get away & think about something that wasn’t whinging about getting no sleep (which was ALL THE TIME! I’m pretty good at whinging too 😉 ) I also started making them for my new home, & loved it the whole process of making them… So here I am 4 years later!


What advice would you give to a brand new start up?

Just to keep going… My big mental block is confidence in my product.. Most days/ weeks/ months I’m positive petunia but some days/ weeks I’m in negative town… But I think you need to visit negative town sometimes to help you get back on track, take stock of what’s going on around you & then hopefully catch a bus straight to Positive beach! 😉


What’s been your proudest moment?

I just love positive feedback about my signs… It gives me the warm & fuzzies… A proud moment was when I took a massive gamble & did Lifeinstyle… It was bloody hard work but I came out with 13 stockists which was fabulous for my first time… Yay! Go me!


What’s been your most challenging moment?

Juggling busy times around the kids… It’s really hard to find a balance for sitting & playing with the kids & do work.. You’re constantly thinking about what you need to do next with the business so sometimes you’re not really ‘there’… So it’s something I’m working on at the moment.. I make sure we go to the park everyday at the moment, and it seems to be working with the girls…


Why did you decide to come to one of The Digital Picnic workshops?

Coz’ they are da bomb! Ha, no a friend went and was telling me how good it was… And I was really just guessing about my social media… The girls really lifted the lid on stuff I didn’t even think about…


What did get out of attending our workshop/s?

Just everything really! It really opened my eyes on what a beast social media is… The info is fab, and I refer to it all the time… It’s been too hard to implement everything for me but I have been doing it slowly which has helped immensely!


Tell us about a recent social media success story you’ve had?

I think for me, a steady intake of new followers is my success story… Since doing the course I have got about another 2000 followers which has been great!


What’s your current favourite social media channel, & why?

I love Insta, and hate Insta! Sometimes it’s too perfect which is annoying.. But I do love it for decor inspo… It’s so pretty!



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