Tell us more about yourself

I’m a freelance website designer and SEO lover. I work from home whilst raising my 2 year old daughter and I live in the beautiful Macedon Ranges. In terms of website design I like to stick to simple, refreshing, easy to use and engaging – I also specialise in websites for small, home and micro businesses. I’m a social media lover and enjoy helping other businesses learn how to use social media effectively for their business or personal use – I do not call myself an ‘expert’ at social media but I really love to learn, and enjoy passing on my knowledge to others.


Why did you start your business?

I didn’t want to go back to work after maternity leave! I was so sick of working in a corporate environment with zero creativity, and dealing with narrow mindedness. I know it’s cliche but I really did ‘fall into website design’ by chance but quickly realised how much I loved it and how satisfying it was for me creatively. I’m 100% self taught and I’m really proud of that!


What advice would you give to a brand new start up?

Be open minded and crave to learn from others. Don’t think you’re going to conquer the world overnight because you’re setting yourself up for failure – be patient, don’t be greedy and don’t listen to the haters.


What’s been your proudest moment?

I designed a website for a mother who sadly lost her primary school aged daughter to a boating accident; the mother wanted pay tribute to her daughter and give back to the Royal Children’s Hospital for all their help, but also to put a smile on other children’s faces – instead of raising money she asks for donations of children’s toys, activities and games etc that help take the children’s minds off their illness or injury and to just be a normal kid for a little while. Each year she donates all the toys etc to the hospital on her daughter’s birthday. I offered to create a website for free to help people learn about her cause and pay tribute to her daughter. That is my proudest moment.


What’s been your most challenging moment?

It’s not a moment, but the most challenging thing for me is knowing what rates to charge, and charging for my time and worth; I tend to undercharge or do things for free because I just want to help lol.


Why did you decide to come to one of The Digital Picnic workshops?

A friend who had completed one of the workshops recommended I do it to help my ‘social media game’ – I saw 2 smiling faces on their website and their very clever humour, and that honestly is what made me decide to sign up.


What did get out of attending our workshop/s?



Tell us about a recent social media success story you’ve had?

I’m volunteering my time and effort (I know, I know!), for a local guy that I’ve know all my life who is running from Sydney to Kyneton in October to raise money for the Cancer Council in memory of his good friend who passed away from Cancer. I’m looking after his Facebook page and I recently posted a photo on the official page for Sunrise, with a short bio on him and what he’s trying to achieve. This post has reached over 30,000 people and generated hundreds of comments and thousands of Like’s – this was a mind blowing moment for me.


What’s your current favourite social media channel, & why?

Instagram, because it’s so positive!! Facebook can really get me down at times with the level of negativity and people with mean agenda’s – but I never see this on Instagram and people are just so full of love and admiration which makes me happy. It may not generate income or leads for me like Facebook does, but I just love it.



You can follow Techno Bird at her website, on Facebook or Instagram.

Techno Bird Website Design
Techno Bird Website Design
Techno Bird Website Design
Techno Bird Website Design
Techno Bird Website Design
Techno Bird Website Design

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