Kim Spiteri


Tell us more about yourself

I’m a wife & mum of 2 living in Sydney. Two years ago I kicked of my corporate heals & started Zonkt Designs to share my love of creative art & design as well as my Mini-Masterpieces. I then wanted to share all aspects of my creativity whether it be through food, DIY or design. So I started a blog called Land of Zonkt which has since had my recipes published in super food ideas magazine. I just adore being able to create a life I love around my family & meet some of the loveliest people along the way.


Why did you start your business?

I started working full time 4 days after my year 12 formal. Growing up with the distilled ethics of work hard. That you don’t get the luxury of doing what you love. You just have to work. My love of art & design was pushed aside & a job in the financial sector gained instead. 15yrs & 2 kids later enough was enough. I couldn’t look back & think ‘what if’ I’d rather look back at trials and failures then never knowing. So I started Zonkt Designs to share & embrace a passion nearly forgotten.


What advice would you give to a brand new start up?

Just do it!!! We always worry so much about having everything perfect before we start. But people don’t care or notice. Pick your target audience think as that as a person & go nuts on SM speaking to that person. Before launching! I wish I’d done so many things differently, but you learn. Still learning!


What’s been your proudest moment?

My recipe winning in super food ideas… Did a happy dance. As for my designs being asked to design wallpapers as well as when I meet people receiving their Mini-Masterpieces there are tears! & it’s just the best feeling to know what you create can have that impact on another. There are no words for that.



What’s been your most challenging moment?

Getting seen & juggling all my SM platforms. I feel I do well on one another falls & then I’ve still got to work & strategies feels like never quite on top of it all. To many hats not enough heads!


Why did you decide to come to one of The Digital Picnic workshops?

To learn better skills on how to manage, tap in & maximise my exposure.


What did get out of attending our workshop/s?

Lots of tips & trick. Ideas & strategies. Not all I can seem to master at once apparently but widely helpful. But an enormous benefit was meeting other businesses & people, the collaborations, the networking & community platform. Priceless!


Tell us about a recent social media success story you’ve had?

I reactivated my biz Instagram account & gained 100 followers in a few days. Changed the appearance of my Pinterest page & had a massive improvement in engagement.


What’s your current favourite social media channel, & why?

Instagram hands down. It’s so visual so it’s perfect for all my areas biz & blog. But it’s so engaging, easy to use & has been a great way to attract new clientele.


You can follow Zonkt Designs at their website or on Facebook & Instagram.

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