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Tell us more about yourself

I have a background in Corporate Marketing, grew up in the Yarra Valley, am married with 2 Big Amazing (27, 26yrs – gave birth to almost teens or inherited however you like) and 2 little gorgeous (9, 5yrs) kids. Live in Williamstown, and love a good get together for any occasion, connecting with others and watching others connect over food, fun and enjoyment!


Why did you start your business?

When Master Connor came along he threw everything I knew or thought I knew about parenting and sanity out the window… he was a party boy from the start, incredibly aware and a non-sleeper so the Corporate world seemed impossible for a very sleep deprived mum. My daughter Amelia, is a quiet dreamer, full of inspiration and her innocent comments and requests were the beginning of what is now Little Ginger. I refer to her as Director of Research, her throw away lines have become product lines. And, well let’s face it I love parties, I love ‘Party Wow’ moments and so party favours / gifts and the joy they bring to little people is a great match for a business idea.


What advice would you give to a brand new start up?

Think with the end in mind, you don’t have to get there overnight, but you do need to know what you want to achieve and simply jump! All great ideas are just that unless you take the first step and then the next. If you know what you want, you will take on board all feedback, but will be better equipped to work out what comments have merit to help you achieve and grow, and what ones are just that a comment from someone who may not fully know or understand your dream. I also would say do your homework for the important side of business, set it up right, get help when needed and look at the market to see if there is or how many there are doing something similar to your idea.


What’s been your proudest moment?

I think our proudest is yet to come, but we have had a few Wins along the journey so far, that made me really smile.  Having my first article published as a Party Expert, the launch of our new professional website (previous was a Nikki no designer skills made one), and getting that first big order, providing Christmas gifts for a Corporate Family Day event and the feedback that followed about what was provided was fantastic!


What’s been your most challenging moment?

Cashflow, cashflow, cashflow and hence the need to juggle building a business concept while still having to work.


Why did you decide to come to one of The Digital Picnic workshops?

I just knew I was not getting the traction for my efforts. I have built a good Facebook following, spent a lot of time with researching and organising what to post and when, without much return in terms of engagement. As for Instagram I watched others I met growing with such force while I was still a novice, so when you get to know that you just don’t know, then its time to go learn for those that can lead you. The Digital Picnic had come up in many conversations and I had been watching feeds, so it seemed the most logical choice.


What did get out of attending our workshop/s?

Lots of tips and tricks, for setting up correctly and posting. Most importantly a resource group to ask follow up questions, gain more knowledge and use as a guide for continuing my own discovery in the online world, something that is not my natural playground.


Tell us about a recent social media success story you’ve had?

I have been stalking, reviewing, and that has helped with building the followers, but Im still very new for Instagram. However, I worked out to comment on others posts that weren’t getting as much attention for instance the morning feeds and from that I have had re-grams on other feeds far bigger than my followers and I sent some products that have been used in the most gorgeous fashion shoots of room styling and kids clothing. Lots of pictures on large pages, which is fantastic exposure even if our product is an accessory/prop in the shoot it still gets tagged back to us!


What’s your current favourite social media channel, & why?

I would have to say now Instagram, as it is so much more interactive than the others. A conversation by images and connecting with people through their behaviours to your images, leading to more than a virtual name/identity!



You can follow Little Ginger over on the website, Facebook & Instagram.

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