They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but it can also be pretty irritating as a small business owner.


We’re incredibly generous with our time and expertise when it comes to our workshops – particularly in the form of the ongoing support we offer via our private Facebook group.


Each and every time we present a workshop it never feels like we are giving away our ‘secrets’, however the way we like to run a workshop is rooted in being practical.


By their very nature our workshops are full of our secrets – what works, what’s new in social media land. It’s all very practical, useful ‘implement It now’ kind of stuff. It’s what we pride ourselves on and it’s how we’ve managed to build a beautiful community of workshop attendees whom we continue to support via Facebook, long after the workshop is finished.


Imitation got me like …


When we see our content being presented by past workshop attendees it kind of sucks, but mostly it just disappoints us.


But you know what? It’s social media, and a lot of people are keen to learn more about …and teach it for that matter. So when it does appear on our radar we choose to see it as a huge compliment that our content is being shared.


We KNOW how hard it is to build a large following on Instagram being a service based business, if you’re new here, check us out on Instagram.


We KNOW how hard it is to sell out workshop after workshop …our brand doesn’t make us better than our competitors, it’s what makes us different. And we LOVE our uniqueness.


Putting bums on seats in workshops is a hard thing to do based on word of mouth and social media alone… But we like to walk the walk when it comes to promoting our brand on social media. We practice what we teach every single day.


We don’t appeal to everyone, and that’s ok! We love our ever expanding tribe, and growing it (and our brand) never feels forced.


Word of mouth is incredibly important to us and possibly our biggest source of workshop bookings. We’d be nowhere without our past workshop graduates who form part of our online community. So one of the ways we give back to them is by providing that invaluable ongoing support.


We continue to innovate and are always bouncing around ideas for new workshops and masterclasses, networking nights and other events where we can share what inspires us with our community. Some of these ideas work, some of them don’t. So we learn fast and we get get better at a whole host of things as we ride this learning curve of small business ownership.


I hope we’ll always continue to run our Get Social Savvy workshop, I really do. It’s our signature workshop and we’ve met some INCREDIBLE small business owners running it.


We truly wish everyone who dreams of presenting a workshop on social media every success – the greatest value you can give an audience is your own unique experience, perspective and expertise!


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