Well come on down, & e-meet the TDP crew via our free webinar!  


We’ll be walking-the-walk, talking-the-talk, & practicing what we teach [pun intended].


Find out how we’ve built The Digital Picnic to a following of nearly 20k on our social channels, sold more than 400+ seats in our Get Social Savvy social media workshops, and 300+ eBooks in less than 18 months.


Eep! Did that sound braggy? We totes didn’t mean for it to sound braggy, because we’re more the humble-bragg’y types, y’see … but we also just do genuinely love small business stories, & decided that we wanted to share our own with you via a webinar so that you can take some of our social media secrets away and use them for your own little success story.


Sound like a plan, [wo]man?


We’d love to share with you the five key things that have helped us to spruik something as “boring” and non-sexy as a daggy ol’ digital marketing agency online, & we think some of these insights will really benefit you [the small / large business owner and / or social media freelancer].


Register here – its FREE! 


We can’t WAIT to e-meet you!

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