Hi there! My name is Cherie, & I’ve been freelancing in social media management for a lo-ooo-ooong time now, whilst also [mostly] keeping my sanity in check, & so I thought to myself, … that’s a blog post, right there! I mean, how does one manage multiple social media accounts, whilst also maintaining their sanity / some semblance of a life outside of freelance social media management?


One creates stellar content calendars


Sunday evenings have always been my “get-sh*t-done” evenings, & that includes sitting down with an apple and pear cider / letting the creative juices flow / mapping out content plans for my clients [who all hail from vastly different arenas out there in content planning-land].


I love Sunday evenings, & I’m in a good mindset to dream up some great content ideas for the social media week ahead.  If I ever miss my Sunday content planning sesh’ [& I believe it was just the once, courtesy of the Bachelor finale], my whole week just doesn’t feel creatively right.  Nor does it feel well planned out, & if it isn’t well planned out? You can guarantee the execution isn’t as great.  And if the execution isn’t as great? The reach suffers.


Bad reach = sad social media manager.


Nobody wants a sad social media manager.



One has a sticky-beak at his / her client’s peak times


So, after I’ve planned out my content, I have a look at my client’s peak times, so that I can auto-schedule content according to their peak times.  No point sipping all of those ciders, & planning all of that incredible content if I’m just going to go in blind and post according to assumed peak times, as opposed to actual peak times.


For example, my fitness client’s peak time is 6am.  Yep, six am.  That’s why all of those fit-people have such bangin’ bodies, … because they’re out there at what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you o’clock, exercising! And while they’re sitting in the car park at the gym / lake they’re about to run around / yoga studio, they’re having a quick social media indulge.  And so you better believe I’m using *that* peak time to hit them with some fitness inspo / inspiring content that you’re going to want to click on / interact with / feel good about.


Study your peak times, & tailor your content accordingly.



One toggles between accounts


Yea, I toggle.  I toggle, & I love it so much.  


When Instagram announced they were adding the multiple account log-in feature, I genuinely happy-danced / victory-lapped around my lounge room.  This was a really happy day for social media freelancers around the world, & it’s changed how effectively we can manage multiple Instagram accounts forevermore.


To add multiple accounts to your Instagram account;

    • Hit the settings icon in the top right hand corner of your IG account
    • Scroll down to the very bottom of the menu, & hit ‘add account’
    • Log in to your client’s IG
    • Voila! You can now toggle between accounts
    • Just click on your IG name up at the top middle section of your IG account
    • Click on the client’s IG handle who you’d like to log in 

* N.B you can add a maximum of 5 accounts, … which brings me to my next point.



One simply must set an appropriate freelancing rate


The lower your rate? The more clients you’ll need to take on in order to generate an income you can make work for general life happiness / satisfaction.  The more clients you take on? The more likely you’ll be a full-time slave to your phone.


My advice? Go in a little higher than your comfort zone tells you to go, & for every 5-10 “no’s” you get, you’ll receive one “yes!”.  Times the number of yes’ by 5, & you’re at maximum Instagram account toggle ability, at a rate that means you don’t need to take on more than say, … 5!


Win win, winnity-win!



One lays down engagement guidelines from day dot


Ultimately, clients would let you respond to engagement within 1-5 minutes all day long if you set that standard.  And that’s a fantastic standard to set, if you can pull it off.  Unfortunately for most [I hope!], … there’s life outside of freelance social media management, & so I stipulate a 2-4 hour response time to all new clients.


This means I can go out for dinner with friends / celebrate wedding anniversaries with the husbuendo / be present with my kids on my non-work days / just.do.LIFE without feeling like I need to be on my phone 24/7.


This is a really important one, freelancers.


My clients are beautiful! If my wedding anniversary rolls around, they usually just waive the 2-4 hour response time & tell me to hop off the account for the evening.


Good business karma always comes back around, as I’ll usually swing an extra EDM / social media influencer outreach service / extra post / extra social media-something to them in return for their kindness.


These are some of my top tips for managing multiple social media accounts!

Have a ball out there in freelancing-land, it’s one of the best working experiences I’ve had!

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