At the risk of sounding a little cray, sometimes I think you might need to really, genuinely burn out in order to come full circle and ultimately experience reinvigoration [??!!].


For some reason unbeknownst to me, I don’t think it’s until you approach [or God forbid, actually reach] burn out point that you’re forced to take stock / take some time out / recognise that it’s been far too long between holidays etc.


But the thing is, it doesn’t [& shouldn’t] have to be like this.  As I approach my second year in business ownership, I’ve begun to realise that you don’t actually have to hustle until you drop in order to be successful [?!], & perhaps this has a lot to do with all of our own individual ideas of “success” being exactly that; uniquely individual.


For me, success means working during the day when I’m actually energised + feeling creative [so important, in relation to the work that I specifically do with TDP] / leaving the evenings free to nurture my relationship with my husband, & our children / it means cooking a really nourishing meal each night and going to bed full / it means sleep / it means waking up early and having an hour to myself to shower + put myself together before the kids wake / it means paying myself what I deserve / it means feeling happy with the interpersonal relationships I have within my business, our TDP graduates, & our clients / it means having weekends to explore interests + social activities outside of work / it means the kind of testimonials we continuously get sent to us post-workshop that just … make us blush, & reinvigorate us / it means good business karma, & staying true to my goal to always be remembered for the good work I do in my creative field, & being defined by my kindness + generosity.


And in another life [i.e last year, prior to my decision to get an au pair to help with my working Mother sit.u.ation], I didn’t have much – or any – of this.  I had roughly 3-4 hours of child-free time per week, to manage a full-time workload.  I can assure you, I hustled until I literally dropped.  


… & that ain’t pretty.


But it leads me to my first sentence in this here blog post, “sometimes, I think you might need to really, genuinely burn out in order to come full circle and ultimately experience reinvigoration”.


That was me.  I really, genuinely burnt out.  I wasn’t working in accordance with any of my own personal values, & so some of TDP’s “success” didn’t actually feel all that successful to me personally.  Because I was exhausted, & working from 7pm – 2am post kiddy bedtime 3-4 [sometimes 5] nights per week, & crawling into bed next to a sleeping husband, & then being forced awake when the kids woke, & ultimately going into the day moody and cranky AF [I’ve always wanted to use that “AF” somewhere in my writing adventures, ha!].


Now? I choose unhustle.  And guess what? The less I’ve hustled, the more successful I’ve become [!!!].  Business is going great, our workshops are going from strength to strength, our clients are rad [& the kind of clients we’ve dreamt of having], our TDP graduates are some of the best humans I know, I’m well-rested, I’m eating well, my children are happy, I am happy[er], … [there’s always room for improvement, & this “unhustle” project is a continuous work in progress for me ;)], life? Is becoming really good.


And all because I stopped hustling, & opted for unhustle.


… who’d have thunk it?


My next step? A two week holiday about to be booked, with one of those two weeks in a location that [deliberately] has no phone reception.


… dare you to consider doing the same? 😉


Big love,


Cherie. x



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Unhustle.  Our new religion.