Do you wanna know why we love participating in business networking groups on Facebook? And we don’t mean the tacky-junk-mail’y-type groups where people are just promoting their goods / services in  





Nosiree, we mean those incredible private FB groups with 14k+ members, but whose admins ensure that there is quality content amongst the mix of entrepreneurial-promotional-type-stuff.  These groups? We’ve gained a lot of incredible information from these kind of groups, because people – particularly women – are becoming more generous with their information sharing there.  


Wins, fails, frustrations, the slanging off of non-paying clients in the services-based industries [how is this still seriously happening?!], the discussion of the “entrepreneurial mood swing roller-coaster” [it’s a thing.  Seriously], the popping of virtual champagne when a social media influencer unexpectedly shares your product or service.


These groups? Entrepreneurial gold.  And we’re grateful we get to be a part of it; we soak up every ounce of information that we can get [& there’s a lot, & believe me – some of the information shared has genuinely guided us in our own small business ventures], & then we offer our own pearls of wisdom whenever we think we have something to offer [usually in relation to digital geekery somethin’-somethin’s].


What we love most though? Is when people share the best kind of decisions they’ve made for their businesses.  And that doesn’t happen a lot, because entrepreneurs – understandably – like to keep that kind of information fairly close to their chests.  


It’s been our craving of that kind of information though, that has inspired this post for us.  Because we figured, sure, you can keep some information close to your chests, … or you can put a little bit o’ good business karma out there and share what’s working for you and your business.  


Good business karma? Our religion.  Everything good we’ve ever put out there, has genuinely come back to us – and our business – tenfold.


Let’s talk about the 5 best business decisions TDP has made this financial year, because it might inspire you in your own business ventures.




Get a business coach.  Stat.


I remember the wording of my Facebook call-out;


Business coach required.  I don’t want wishy-washy.  I don’t want to “visualise” any of my success.  I just want a very clinical discussion of business growth + development to turn something from a hobby income, … to an “oh wow.  This is my full-time job now” kind of income.


Enter our business coach.  No wishy-washy.  Lots of clinical discussions surrounding TDP’s business growth + development, & some bonus pearler business ideas we’d not yet even considered thrown in for good measure.


Sometimes you just need fresh eyes.  Unbiased perspectives.  Someone who’s tertiary qualified to offer sound business development advice.  Someone who prioritises profit, so that you don’t burn out on the whole growing-a-business-thing [because Lord-y, how exhausting is that?!] before you even reach that part where you get to reap some of the rewards of your bluddy-hard-work.  


And an unexpected little side bonus? Nicola included confidence coaching in amongst that business coach-y mix; because sometimes? You’re just one person, who has a business idea, whose business idea kicks off & becomes everything you ever dreamt of, … but your confidence lags behind.  Enter Nicola’s side order of confidence coaching, because – let’s face it – women in business could use this.  And now? You’re a lot more comfortable negotiating your rates / chasing unpaid invoices / knowing what you’re willing to work for, & what you’re not willing to work for / a whole lot better at some of the more uncomfortable conversations you sometimes have to have when you’re the director of a business.






Those Queens of LEAN.


Sometimes you work so damn hard on the business, that you let go of working hard on you.


This was Cat & I.  Lots of late nights.  Late nights tricking our brains into thinking we needed more sugar than we really need.  Tired.  Sluggish.  And generally just not the best versions of ourselves.


Cue Queen of Lean


Honestly? Thank God we made this decision.  I very excitedly proclaimed to our PT Kristy that – for the first time in a long time – I felt a muscle in my thigh.  


Muscle, people [??!!!!!].




Outsource, baby!


There’s only so much you can drive a business, before you drive enough business to justify outsourcing work externally [or internally, if you want to go the employee route].


For TDP, we’ve gone with a combination of the two; i.e x2 beautiful staff [hi Mel + Kate!], & we’re currently weighing up the possibility of a bookkeeper [c’mon Cat, you can do it, ha!].


Outsource guys, … before you lose your minds.  Or not even that, but just waste time working on the stuff that someone else can do to free you up to work on the stuff your business is about; i.e for us? Digital geekery.




Investing in visual content.


We spend our days analysing social media marketing content for our clients, so we’d be crazy not to analyse our own.  And the thing is, every single time we do, our most popular piece of content is always us.  As in, Cat & I.


Not the flamingos.  Not the cacti.  Not even @lady.flamingo’s sensational baking [although, that’s usually a close second!], … but us.  


So we decided to invest in “product photography” of our product, … i.e us.




Enter @lecindaward.  


15-20 “product” photos per month.  Always our most popular content.  Even seems to be able to magically remove my double chins [?!]







Learning to say ‘no’.


Our business is just no good when it’s being worked beyond our own capacities.


For us, we’ve learnt that there’s power in saying, “Thanks for your interest, but at this stage we’re at capacity”; it means that we’re working in alignment with the reasons why we started all of this in the first place, i.e family first.  Always.  


We’ve got our whole lives to drive more income than we currently are, but our little people? They’re only little for a really short time.  


An unexpected surprise? Sometimes when you say no, incredible opportunities present themselves a little further down the track.


No.  Powerful little word, that one.



What have been some of the best business decisions you’ve made?

We love to hear about them!

Cherie. X



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