So, we’ve recently made the decision to outsource our e-mail inbox to our beautiful part-time employee for a multitude of reasons, & so that in itself took me on a bit of a nostalgic trek down memory lane thinking about the ‘then’ and ‘now’ with regards to reaching this point in our journey.


It sounds cliche, but in the early days, you launch your business and then you pray for the e-mails.  The e-mails come, & it is the biggest buzz, because it means there is *actual interest* in your idea.  Your business starts operating, & this generates more interest, so there are – of course – more e-mails.  Meanwhile, you? You’re still buzzing.  You’re high on the operation, and the interest, and the e-mails, and the everything [!!!].  Adrenaline? Well, it’s in overdrive.  And thank God really, … because now the e-mails are too, ha!


Fast-forward x3 years, & you feel like your full-time job has become responding to all e-mail enquiries.  Now, … that’s not actually true, it’s not full-time, but you do really feel like a lot of your time is taken from your working day, at multiple times throughout the day, every day, in order to respond to e-mails.


Are we still pumped we’re getting e-mails? Absolutely.  And are we still buzzing? … well [awkward silence], … no, ha!


It’s like the buzz has been replaced with this … pressure? A pressure that only our fellow perfectionists will understand, i.e I’m pumped that people are interested in my business, I want to articulate my appreciation for their interest with a timely reply, however I feel like I’d have to be hanging out in this inbox all day in order to get e-mails out within a timely manner to do so.




We should be working on curriculum updates to our workshop content / business development / digital strategies / custom workshops / corporate workshops / custom sessions / etc. etc. etc.


Enter Mel.  Our beloved part-time employee / brand new inbox wizard / trusted person to hand the goliath inbox over to.  The inbox dilemma was a toughie, because we needed whoever manages our e-mail inbox to understand social media marketing / strategy considerations / understand the differences between our courses / really understand our “voice” and the way we like to smash out e-mails [i.e as much “human” in there as possible, thanks very much, ha!].  And Mel, … well, she’s most definitely that person.


2 weeks in? Oh my word.  It’s changed everything.  We’re checking the inbox a lot less regularly, comforted in the knowledge that it’s in trusted hands.  We can start projects and complete them, without inbox interruption.  We no longer take offence by the “hi, could you come out and train our marketing team for a full day training session, but, oh sorry, we have a budget of $150” e-mails, … because we don’t see them.  But also, on that? Mel doesn’t take offence either, because TDP isn’t her business, so she can be free to dish out a very polite “thanks, but no thanks” reply and move along with her day, ha!  We’re less frustrated.  We can feel the “inbox pressure” pressure-cooker-feeling subsiding.  We feel clarity.  We feel headspace.  We feel liberated.  We feel like this will be another one of those small business moments that we look back on in 4 years & say to ourselves, “remember when we were still managing all customer service?”.


It’s been a good fortnight. x



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