So, the strangest thing happened the other week.


I got a text message from a friend asking if I wanted to sign up for a photography course [interested!], during the school holidays [ok, so babysitting will be a logistical consideration, … but still interested], in France [wait, what?], costing upwards of 5k [yeesh!], for x2 weeks [ok.  I’m out].


After I finished legit lol’ing, I said to her, where on Earth am I going to get 5K [??!], to which she replied, “but couldn’t you just put it on the business card as a business expense?”.


And that’s the exact moment that I realised, oh my goodness, people must genuinely think our business is bigger / going better than it really is, because if my own friends think I can just whack a 5k photography holiday to France on our business card? Well, … holy actual sheet.



Y’see, that’s the thing about business ownership when you’re a social media marketer, … you get how to market yourself online, & so [we’d like to think!] we do that well.  Now, from the outside looking in, perhaps that makes us look bigger / better than we really are.


Don’t get us wrong, we’re not even x3 years into this, so we are incredibly proud of how we’re tracking.  We can afford our rent.  We have [very!] part-time staff.  We can afford to pay ourselves.  We can [just!] about afford BAS.  It’s … good.  It’s ok.  And we are proud of our good-it’s-ok status.


But 5k holidays to France whacked on a business card as a “business expense”?


Yea, … we’ve got a long way to go yet, ha!



So, we thought to ourselves, heck, if our friends think we’re flying, perhaps we need to write a little ol’ blog post to make a couple of clarifications;


  1. Guess who cleans our offices? Me, and Cat.
  2. Guess who hands around platters of food at our networking events? Me, and Cat.
  3. Guess who works days / evenings / weekends? Me, and Cat.
  4. Guess who juuuuuuust scrapes in fortnight to fortnight, after we’ve paid overheads / wages / BAS etc. etc.? Me, and Cat.
  5. And guess who earns more than me and Cat in this present moment? … a Monday-Friday 9-5’er [no evenings, no weekends] in a generalised digi marketing role, ha!


And we’re ab.solutely ok with that.  


We’re not even x3 years in, & if we’re completely honest? We’re neither killing it, … nor drowning in debt.  We’re just kicking along, at a comfortable pace that’s do-able at this stage in our lives [i.e x2 young children each, & neither able – nor willing – to pull x5 days per week in the office].



So, … no tickets to France just yet, and because we’re absolute nerd-burgers, our short-term goals are to be able to get to San Francisco for the social media marketing world conferences in favour of a photography tour of France.


But hey, we’ll keep you posted if anything changes 😉


Heck, in the immediate future, we’d just like an office cleaner, ha!



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