Last Sunday was – hands down – one of the best days I have ever had with my children.


Seriously, seriously, no exaggeration, … it was one of the best ever days I’ve had with my children.


Why? Well, because I just so happen to be one of those Mums who ultimately gave birth to x2 little-people who legitimately have polar opposite personalities, and so subsequently? It appears they’ve opted to spend the majority of their childhood? … fighting / punching on / antagonising each other / squawking at each other / et. al, et. al, et. al.


It breaks my heart tb[perfectly]honest, because it’s just so foreign to me, i.e my sister and I have a 14 month age gap, and we don’t just have incredibly similar personalities, … I’d go as far as saying that she’s my soul mate.


My one person in this world who gets me, … really gets me.  And so growing up? We were legitimately in each other’s pockets / spent every waking moment with each other / ran to each other after school finished, due to the sheer fact that x6 hours apart? Was simply too much.


She was – and still is – my very best friend.


My children?




Not BFF’s, … not even remotely, ha!


Now don’t get me wrong, there are little snippets of beautiful moments where we have a 30 minute gap between fights, and those x30 minutes are sacred / beautiful / #nekLEVEL / restorative to my Mama heart.


And then? It’s back to fighting, and I am legitimately [LE.GIT.I.MATELY!] a 24/7 umpire / referee / mediator / et. al, and to be honest? It’s bluddy exhausting!


I’ll log onto Instagram, and I’ll see countless Insty-squares of kids who don’t just get along, … but seem to be legitimate besties, and I’ll think to myself, GAHD-DAMN-IT-WHY-ARE-MINE-THE-POLAR-OPPOSITE-ONES [??!!!!].


It is what it is.


So why am I telling this story?


Well, because last Sunday, … my kids played this one game together, without.a.single.fight, for, … wait for it, … x4 hours.




Four hours of uninterrupted, beautiful play that didn’t end in any fighting, and they didn’t want me / my attention, but instead they played together for x4 hours straight.




In [nearly] x7 years of parenthood, I’ve genuinely never experienced what it’s like to have kids who want to play with each other / without fighting / without me stepping in and referee’ing on an almost-every-10-minutes-basis, … and I had no idea how [bluddy!] anxious this all makes me.


On Sunday? I was able to sit.  Just sit.  Just sit with my thoughts.  And I got to eavesdrop x2 children that I created, getting along, playing beautifully with one another, and spending x4 uninterrupted hours on one game [it was a Star Wars game where my son was Darth Vadar, and my daughter was Princess Leia btw].


For the first time, I wasn’t on edge / ready to step in / ready to split up the 1000th argument for the day / ready to mediate, … and not having to do any of that? Meant that for the first time, in a really long time, … I wasn’t anxious.


So what does this all have to do with TDP?


Well, while all of this was happening? Our Sydney trainers were rolling out their [first EVER!] Get Social Savvy workshop in Sydney, and so while I was having the best day I’ve ever had in my actual parenting life, … x2 digi-marketing gurus were presenting our Get Social Savvy workshop in Sydney [and to rave reviews, … as we received via e-mail post-workshop].


To me, that feels surreal.


For most of 2016, I spent countless weekends away from my family workshop’ing in Melbourne, then interstate, then regional, then back to Melbourne, and that’s A-OK, … that’s all part of small business life / growing a business, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my family immensely.


For this reason, my beautiful husband never told me anything really beautiful that the kids had done while I was away, because he knows I’m the *ultimate* Mum, and the thought of missing something important? Well, it breaks me, ha!


So, last Sunday, I had a day that’s served to fill my “parenting cup” up for months, and had I been in Sydney presenting?


… I’d never have known that I was missing it.


That alone, has made this small-business-owner-slash-Mum’s day, because it means our business has reached a point where a product has launched / been delivered / received incredible reviews, … and Cat and myself haven’t had to fly all over Australia, every single weekend to attract those rave reviews.


Game changer. x

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