Wow FB, … you sure know how to keep us on our toes, ha!  Just quietly though, … we secretly love it.  It’s probably a big reason why we’re so well suited to an industry like digital marketing, because we like change, we embrace it, … and we thoroughly enjoy creating new ways for people to see us [and our clients] online.                                  


So, if we could have a moment of your time, we’d love to discuss our thoughts on the changes to FB [which are undeniably *huge*, … but in our [humble] opinion? Incredible].


  1.  It’s not all doom + gloom guys, … this is a really great change.  FB want us to be able to see content that’s more entertaining, and in order to do that? They need to be able to de-prioritise the utterly sub-standard content we’ve been subjected to for – quite frankly – far too long now 🙂


  1.  Be grateful for this change [re: above], but also because up until now, we’ve been using an *incredibly* powerful platform that’s [really quite significantly!] built businesses up to be [bluddy!] powerful.  For some, that’s been without an   FB ads spend [i.e organic content alone has seen pages achieve incredible website conversions / sales conversions].


Be grateful for this, … not entitled.  Now’s probably the time to say, “hey FB, … thanks so much for my 76% conversion rate based on organic content alone” [that’s certainly what *we’ve* been doing, ha!].


  1.  On that note, invest in upskilling in FB ads.  Now’s the time you’re going to genuinely need to take this more seriously [#shamelessplugalert … we currently have FB ads Intensives available in Melbourne > Perth > Brisbane > Adelaide, … #justsayin].


  1.  Start flexing your digital storytelling muscles.  If you can’t, there are eleventy *billion* incredibly talented copywriters online who can start you off on this journey [i.e invest in social media captions with them? Find your own confidence taking over once you’ve used all of their good copy up!].


  1.  Grow your EDM lists [!!!].  It was always about this too, and we’ve said it in *all* of our workshops, but everyone’s been about Insty-follower-milestones + FB-follower-milestones [and they’re amazing guys, and ab.solutely worth celebrating], but as we’re seeing now, those platforms can change over.night.  Don’t neglect that EDM list [it’s also powerful to utilise when you start rolling out FB ads, targeting your EDM subscribers, a.k.a some stellar FB ads conversions as a result!].


  1.  FB isn’t dead, … sh*t content is [as it should have always been, ha!].  We’re guilty of chucking a few posts up here and there for “content’s sake”, but no more, … we’ll all be needing to consider the content a *lot* more, because HUZZA, … sh*t content is dead.




  1.  Get confident with using video.  People love people.  People wanna see people.  People love seeing people via video on social.  FB loves video [because FB *hates* YouTube, i.e its biggest competitor], so they will PRIORITISE video content if you go to the effort of creating it].


So make the effort, and *create* it.  It doesn’t even have to be sophisticated, we’re talking about;


– FB live

– Dual FB live

– Time-lapse video [shot from your phone, i.e hospitality owners? Show us your cafe / restaurant “filling up” in time lapse at your busiest trading time]

– Slow-mo video [again, from your phone]

– IG stories saved from IG > to your phone > stitched together to become *one* video via the Flipagram app


… you get the jist?


MAKE VIDEO.                              


  1.  Prioritise FB groups.  Participate in relevant industry groups.  Be more active within like-minded groups, so that folks start to know your name / tag you in posts where someone could use your goods and / or services.  Promote yourself [if the group’s guidelines allow it] in relevant groups where your perfect demographic sits.  Create your own FB group.  Use that group to leverage the eyeballs to the content you share on your main FB page.



And finally? Remember that social media is a forever-changing landscape.  If you use this change to focus all of your efforts on b*tching about the change, … you’ll truly just lag behind.


We’d go as far as saying that the folks who aren’t prepared to embrace this change, will ultimately sink.  


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