Why we’re not face-palming every time changes come knocking


When you work in social media, it seems like every time you open that browser in the morning, news comes in hard and fast with all o’ the changes to our beloved social platforms, … and seemingly overnight.


New features

Algorithm changes

New advertising capabilities.



… if there’s one thing we can count on day-to-day? It’s that the social media game is constantly changing.


Now to some, this is one giant headache. As soon as you get those content streams *jusssst* about right and that engagement rate subsequently soaring, they go ahead and change the rules.


But just like everything in life, it’s all just really a matter of perspective.


For us here at TDP HQ’s? Every time we see those changes coming to life on our feeds and in the back-end, we feel excited, … seriously, … it’s like Christmas.  For kids. Our little office becomes a’buzz with shared links and screenshots as we start to test, play, and generally just squeal with delight.


Because just like a kid at Christmas? Social media changes to us, are like a new toy for a kid to play with at Christmas, and here are three reasons why;  



  • This is our chance to get ahead



When those changes kick in for us, they also hit everyone else. One of the absolute best parts about small business ownership [in the social media training realm] is that we get to be nimble, and are able to make decisions quickly, i.e when we see a change, we can quickly adapt our strategy and content to adjust accordingly.


Big businesses on the other hand? Well, … with so many hoops to jump through in the path to adapt, it’s going to take a little bit [spoiler alert? A *lot*] longer. This means as the smaller guy in business-land, we get this incredible opportunity to be mighty on social media.


David.  Goliath.  Y’know?


By keeping our ear to the ground and hearing that news first, we can take on the big[ger] budgets and big[ger] businesses out there with tactical and smart content that rolls with the punches.



  • Change is a good thing  



Actually, we’d go as far as saying It’s kind of a necessity in this biz, but we do love ourselves a bit o’ change. It keeps us on our toes, keeps us guessing and keeps us constantly future-focused. Along with the new capabilities, come a whole bunch of fresh new opportunities [yay dot com!].


We get to show off our creativity with the new features before they’re old news and really demonstrate our prowess as social media marketers.


One of the worst things you can be on social is repetitive and [subsequently] forgettable. The speed with which our friends [who definitely don’t know they’re our unofficial BFF’s, ha!] over at Facebook and Instagram release updates, means that we can constantly find new and innovative ways to achieve our social media targets.



  • Social is what we do and [if we do say so ourselves], … we’re [cough] pretty good at it



As soon as we see that change a-comin’, we know it’s an opportunity to dust off those thinking caps [ok, we’re always using them, … so they kinda never get dusty] and we subsequently get to work.


We know social media inside and out, and even when they go ahead and switch things up for us so that our tried and tested methods no longer cut it [ok, ok, … that burns], … we still know our audience.


That beloved audience of ours hasn’t changed, and so neither has our commitment to using the best tools we have at our disposal to create engaging, memorable and actionable content to deliver to them.


Whether it’s a new platform completely, a change in trends or just a fun new feature within Instagram Stories [those are our favourites], …  we’re ready and waiting for the challenge.


So if you’re feeling like this social media mountain is always getting taller to climb, and you’ll never reach the top, we’re here to tell you that it’s not. It may be getting taller, but flip your perspective beloved friend, and maybe that also means it’s a chance to climb faster, surpassing the rest of the pack as you go and push yourself even further in your quest for social success as you go!


What change do you think is coming next? We definitely have some ideas but we’d love to hear what you think.

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