Not the biggest fan of Facebook? You’d be surprised how much we hear that!


In fact, we hear it so often that we’ve created a word for it: fangry.


You can probably guess the root origins of this wordy creation, but for those of you still wondering, it’s Facebook + intense feelings of anger towards a platform that’s now frequented by more than 2 billion monthly users [yep, wow!] = fangry.


We totally get it, good ol’ Zuckerberg really threw a spanner into life as we knew it with his little college directory.


So to all those lovely humans out there choosing not to be on Facebook in their personal lives, we respect that completely. You do you. We actually admire you in a lot of ways [even though we do have a big place in our hearts for the connectivity that Facebook allows on a personal level].


If you sensed a ‘but’ coming you were right… and it’s a big one…


Not loving Facebook from a personal perspective should never stop you from utilising the platform as a part of your social media strategy. Personal pages and business pages = really not the same thing! Facebook has such scope that it really *cannot* be ignored.


Facebook has decentralised the advertising, communications and marketing industry, so you’ve never been closer to reaching your customers. What this means, is a HUGE opportunity, especially for small businesses who can make a big impact.


We are *huge* [we mean HUGE] fans of Instagram. Those curated feeds, the awe-inspiring images, we just can’t get enough and from a personal perspective we basically live there. But for sales, well we’ve got to hand it to Facebook, this is where it’s at.


All that news you hear about algorithms… it’s a whole lot scarier than it sounds. Know the rules to the game and you can walk away a *big* winner. Especially when you prioritise quality engaging content designed around your customers.


…and did we mention it’s also FREE… With an effective strategy and the right content, your organic activity can foster incredible growth for your business [and rapidly in some cases]. Yes, it’s true that a bit of budget towards paid advertising on the platform can help, but your dollars are going to go a whole lot further than more traditional outlets. The investment can also be much smaller [and instant] so you can remain a lot more nimble with your advertising decisions.


In case you’re looking for further reason… well here’s a big one for you – It’s likely that your customers are on the platform looking for answers, making Facebook an effective customer service tool. When you make it easy for your customers to get in touch, respond promptly and deliver on a positive experience, you build the kind of loyalty that goes a long way.


By this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already creating a business page in the next tab, or devising your next post to bring your page back to life, but just in case you’re not yet sold we’ve got a real kicker for you.


If you’re not on Facebook but your competitor is, well you’re at risk of losing the relationship, enquiries, purchases and ongoing engagement of that customer who feels right at home on Facebook… and that right there…. well it’s enough of a reason for us!


So how do you maximise Facebook for your business without feeling like you need to jump back onto your personal account and check out your friends pictures of pets/babies/weddings travels? Hello alias accounts. You don’t even need a profile picture or a shred of information to set up a business page.


Simple as that!


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