It’s no secret just how much we love social media at The Digital Picnic.


The community, the content, the possibilities… it’s really changed the game for the better, from our perspective!


One of the biggest factors we love about it though, is the path it’s paved for the little guy in business to succeed.


Day in and day out we work with small business owners ready and eager to take their business to that next level and we’re always overjoyed to work with a medium that allows us to help!


When we think of all the side hustles and small seeds of an idea that have grown to worldwide phenomenons thanks to an effective digital marketing strategy we’re just blown away. Thanks to Instagram, a small investment into your passion project can create a rapidly growing business to challenge even the biggest corporations.


While the big businesses may have the resources and teams, as a small business you have something even more powerful: Anal Beads your unique proposition. With the right content and a robust strategy, the playing field is wide open and there are plenty of wins to go around! Here’s why:



In days past, there were a limited number of options available for small businesses to advertise. The larger placements were monopolised by big money and even a spot in the local paper was a big decision [not to mention a big part of the budget].


Social media advertising has essentially removed the barrier to entry [?]… and in turn, created an epic opportunity for small businesses to become big[ger] businesses.


As a small business owner, you can invest however much [or little] you like and apply it yourself to start driving results. As you start to see that ROI increase, you can reinvest in your future campaigns.


You can be smart about what you’re putting in, have complete clarity on how it’s going to be utilised, and have amazing results on the back of that.


So yes, obviously we’ve got a whole lotta love for Facebook advertising in particular, but you don’t even necessarily need to engage in paid activity to make a big difference to your bottom line. Investing in quality content can also drive exceptional results organically.



When you know which platform your desired audience is hanging out on, social media has created such scope for businesses to target, engage and connect with their people. There’s no need to put your message out into the world, hoping that the right people will see it. With social you can ensure that they will, with content that speaks directly to them [and frequently!].

Now that we’re 100% clear on the reasons why we love social media for small business, here’s how they can really maximise their potential:



Big business means a lot of hierarchy. Levels and levels of approval and input has to be sought to get anything done. For a small trader, this is definitely not the case. As the owner [and social media wizz], you make the decisions [and let’s be honest, that’s probably why you started your business].


This creates such an *amazing* opportunity for your business to be timely and relevant. React to the current news, pop-culture and events as they happen and beat your big business competitors to the punch in getting your post up well ahead.


Humanising content

In small business land, the individuals behind the business are equally as important as the brand itself. You have an opportunity that the big guys don’t have, i.e to make things nice and personal with your content.


Of course, this does not mean violating any of your privacy, it just means showing off your wonderful personality and individuality online. Tell your story [as much as you’re comfortable with] as this is also the story of your business. Share your passions and build rapport. Which brings us to our next point…


Meaningful relationships

When users feel like they’re dealing with an individual rather than a brand, they form meaningful connections to the business that extend into their purchasing decisions. Another huge bonus is that they’re more likely to remain engaged, loyal and become some of your biggest business cheerleaders!



When you’re representing your business on social you can be you… and truly, we really mean it, that is the best thing you can be on social.


Sometimes in big budget, big business, big ideas-land, there can be a lack of real connection achieved on social media. On the other hand for a small business, that is definitely not so!


Run your social media, the way you run your business… when you focus on customers and experiences, you’re setting yourself up for a whole lot of success on social.


So let’s get real for a second guys, if you’re not fully on the social media bandwagon with your business, it’s probably about time to jump in *head first*!