Business life is well… BUSY! What we know this means for a lot of businesses is that getting to the social media party can be a little slower than ideal.


Fear, lack of familiarity and limited access to resources all play a big role in making it that little bit harder for some to take advantage of what is a *HUGE* opportunity.


Maybe it’s doubting whether social is right for your business or you’re just not sure of how to approach these [very sophisticated] platforms.


Whatever the excuse may have been up to this point… well we hate to break it to you guys but in all honesty… you’re *seriously* missing out and here’s why:


Your customers are


Most of the world’s population is now on social media in one way or another. The platforms may vary across industries, demographics and countries, but the chances are that your customer is out there online somewhere and it’s just a matter of finding them.


By delivering your customer inspiring, thought-provoking, engaging and *relevant* content in the places they’re hanging out natively you can build relationships, drive sales and improve their overall customer experience.


Credibility is found and lost


It’s no secret that consumers are actively searching out the brands they’re interested in doing business with on social media to check their credibility and decide if they’re worthy of their business.


When you’re not on social? Well, it’s pretty hard to prove yourself. It’s also a step in the wrong direction when users need to work too hard to find you.


So much success to go around


Social media have created so many *ah-mazing* opportunities for businesses to grow from a tiny seed of a good idea into a force to be reckoned with. It’s really changed the game in terms of how much you need to invest in your business to gain traction and success. The list of digital-first businesses that are taking on legacy brands gains new names every single day.


With such a diverse audience across every industry, demographic and walk of life there is so much potential to find your niche and see amazing results. Growth, exposure and social cred – that’s reason enough for us!


Your competitors are


Now, this is a big one… you might not be on social media, but your competitors probably are. That means they’ve got a direct line to your customers that you’re missing out on.


If someone looks up Hairdressers in Seddon and your business is not there to greet them, their search will always end in another business vying for their attention. …and those competitors… they’re taking the important relationships you could be building which is a risk that really can’t be ignored.


You can listen to your customers


We can’t understate the importance of social listening. An active presence on social will allow you to learn from your customer’s behaviours, needs and the topics they’re conversing on.


But more importantly, people could be saying anything about your brand, it’s best that they’re saying it to you. Social is a vital customer service tool to building loyalty among your customers and resolving any issues/queries. If you’re not on social, you definitely have no chance of fixing these problems [being aired in a very public forum].


With your business account, you monitor and control the conversation about your brand to ensure positive experience and sentiment around your business where word of mouth spreads like wildfire.


It may sound cliche, but there’s never been a better time than the present to start. We hope that little fire in your social belly is beginning to simmer with the [seriously exciting] possibilities ahead.


As you’re probably well aware, we’ve got a raft of training options to help you along your way and make that social journey a smooth sail straight to success. Just let us know how you would like us to help.