With trolls lurking in every corner of the internet it can sometimes be a little bit scary to express any kinds of vulnerability on social media… we feel ya!


Your contact with your audience, fans and loyal supporters is direct and instantaneous so as quickly as you can have your thoughts, opinions and experiences championed and applauded, that potential reach to an audience that doesn’t share the same views and affinities is a reality of the digital world… and one that we’re ok with.


Honestly, if you want to remove the risk of ever a negative comment or feedback, you might have to go find a nice hole to hide in as you hold your hands firmly over your ears and yell “la la la” at the top of your lungs.


We get how scary it can be to open yourself up to that kind of negativity. When you share a little piece of you and someone doesn’t respond the way you like, it can be a hard one to stomach. So time for a little tough love folks… you’ve just gotta shake it off, hold your head high and keep your eye on the prize.


The benefits of being uniquely you and letting your followers get to know you online far outweigh the chance of a few anonymous bullies disagreeing with you.


When you show who you are and build strong relationships with your followers as a result, you’ll be surprised how fast your audience will rally around you in the face of trolls. It’s truly a beautiful thing to behold, as your community rallies around you in support. Sure gives us *all the feels* when it happens to us.  


Another great thing about being yourself on social is the opportunity it presents to share messages that are truly meaningful. Chances are, if it’s important to you, your fans will share your beliefs or experiences and you’ll solidify this strong, emotional bond between you… and that friends, is how loyal customers, amazing word of mouth and exponential growth are born.


Don’t be afraid to have beliefs and shout them from the rooftop. When you share strong messages of positivity your content has so much potential to engage your followers in a beautiful discussion and open a discourse around the things you find truly important. Don’t even worry if you can’t please everyone. These guys are not your tribe and you don’t have time for them anyways. Acknowledge their opinion [of course] and move on. You’ve got a whole lot more to gain from the folks you’re building an affinity with than you do from a few negative comments.


You can even utilise some of the great tools on each platform to filter replies and make sure there is no swearing allowed on your page. [tut tut to all those potty mouthed strangers!] Another way to mitigate risks is to have a plan in place for how to respond and react to negative comments so you’re prepared for that [gasp] worst case scenario.


Of course the approach to strive for perfect over relatable is also just a little bit tempting, but we assure you shouting about all of your wins, or telling your story without a little bit of vulnerability will lose the potential authenticity that will really connect with your followers and set you apart in crowded newsfeeds.    


So go on, be you, be proud and shout about your amazing business, we can’t wait to see your thought-provoking and genuine content to come.


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