Can I tell you something? … TDP’s IG + FB growth in the last x6 months has been on the fastest upward trajectory; we’ve had the most incredibly big spike in reach, engagement, follower growth [currently averaging between 500-700 new followers every month], and ultimately? … conversions.


But I’m not here to puff my digital marketing chest out and tell you how Ron-Burgundy-kind-of-a-big-deal-like we are [because we’re uh, most definitely not, ha!], but instead? I want to talk to you about some of the really big changes we implemented to amplify our social media engagement, reach, and ultimately? Our conversions in 2018.



Spoiler alert? … we got real.  And look, we’re in this beautiful position where we can afford to be real.  We’re not a big ol’ corporation with eleventy billion policies, and x7-10 people on content approval alone, … we’re just TDP, y’know, hangin’ out, … TDP’n.  And so in the last x6 months especially? I tried to humanise it a little more, and personalise it a little more, and if I’m being honest? That’s not difficult to me, because the humanisation of any brand online is my religion, and personalisation? My love language.


The thing is though, I couldn’t always do this.  I had a [now former] business partner I wanted to be incredibly respectful of, and our personalities were incredibly different, so whilst I was craving to launch some pretty strong thought leadership themes into our content pillars, I was also deeply respectful that my thought leadership may not necessarily match hers, … and so I didn’t really do any at all.


The humanisation, and the personalisation when you’re in a business partnership as x2 entirely different personalities? Also difficult, and so again, … I just stripped that back in the interest of being completely respectful.



Fast forward to now? I’m sole Director.  I’m in charge of our content [I always have been], but the difference now? … I *really* feel like I own it, and I feel seriously *connected* to it.




And so? I haven’t held back.  The content we put out has been consciously designed around our follower profiles. And their demographics.  It’s in line with our branding, and our particular tone of voice, and the content itself? It speaks to our followers’ pain points, … and their pleasure points.  


We know our people.  We love our people.  Most of them seem to like us [?!].  


And so in the last 3-6 months especially? We’ve gone hard with what we’ve always wanted to go hard on; content pillars that really speak to our people, in amongst the 20% “sell”-based content we slip into our overall mix as well.



Do you wanna know what happened? Two things, actually.


  1. Commentary increased [significantly] on our platforms, and,
  2. Our FB Ads have never performed better, based on some of the campaigns we do around lookalike audiences alone [i.e those who’ve engaged with our FB + IG accounts within the last xyz period of time].


It’s a beautiful thing when social media rewards you like that.  We’ve spent x4 years building a really strong social media presence, and it’s been our patience and our dedication to investing the time and energy in some of the things we love most [i.e content marketing] that have seen some of our recent social media advertising really soar.


Our wizzbang Senior Strategist kinda [seriously!] helps too 😉


Dare you to invest [really invest] in your organic content marketing, you won’t be disappointed, … promise.