It’s no secret that we love a meme at TDP – they’re a constant source of snort-laughing, full-double chin enjoyment here at HQs.




While sourcing and creating them is one of our fave ways to spend a Wednesday afternoon, our reasons behind a strong meme game go WAY deeper. Let’s have a top 5 look at why we love memes, on a strategic level.


They encourage engagement: memes are the chicken nuggets of the digital marketing world. The best ones are fresh, delectable and bite-sized for easy consumption. And, just like chicken nuggets? They’re universally loved by all demographics [even the age groups that don’t know it’s called a ‘meme’]

They’re great for engagement: [because who doesn’t love a sensible chuckle?] and have the potential to reach far beyond your immediate audience. In short? Just like those crispy golden little pillows of deliciousness, memes are a great way to make new friends.

They create a snapshot of your brand personality: the memes you share to your business page are a great opportunity to show off your brand’s tone of voice at a glance, and increases the likelihood you’ll appeal to your target market. If a user can look at your feed [without even reading any of your copy], ascertain what type of brand voice you have [serious, cheeky, relatable, edgy, sexy, risqué] and see that you’re ‘their people’? They’ll be more likely to follow along.

They’re a gateway drug to harder content: it’s no secret that that the Facebook and Instagram algorithms make a big deal of affinity. And the more frequently someone engages with your content? The more they increase their affinity with you. And what’s great for engagement? MEMES.  Adding light-hearted, humorous content to your posting schedule is a great way to encourage engagement, thus improving the distribution of the other, heavier content you’re wanting your audience to see.  Queensland Police service do a great job of this. They use memes and light, funny content to keep their audience engaged [maximum affinity] then, when there’s a flood warning or an amber alert for a missing child? They’ve got a large, highly engaged network to push that urgent content out too.


Strategy +100.


They’re the native language of Millennials: millennials now make up the largest consumer group in the world. Their purchasing habits are poised to reshape the global economy. They’re engaged online shoppers who are receptive to clever marketing.  We’ve touched on the importance for conversation for conversion, and if it’s conversation with millennials you want? Memes are their mother tongue.


Think of the aesthetic, mate: memes [particularly memes that you’ve gone to the trouble of adding your branding to] are a great way to break up the look of your feed a little. When used strategically, [every 6 posts, maybe?] this type of content is a great way to improve your overall aesthetic and break up the imagery. To paraphrase Hannah Gadsby, ‘a rest for the eye’.


So, in short? If memes aren’t part of your strategy? It’s time to re-assess.