[And when the universe puts you on your ar*e, it pays to have good people around you.]



So recently? TDP went on tour. And, I think it’s fair to say that in the midst of a week where absolutely NOTHING went to plan [hello, emergency surgery!] team TDP, spearheaded by our beloved friend and digital marketing partner Erin, ultimately pulled together what was [according to the 20+ emails we received] the best digital marketing upskilling weekend.


A content-planning, goal-setting, cocktail partying, Facebook Ads-savvy, number-crunching, video marketing degustation, if you will.


On day one? We went deep into CONTENT. Team TDP helped attendees from all over the country map out their content strategy across a range of channels, and helped them set achievable, sequential goals for their socials in line with their broader business goals. Our community and content managers Poppy and Eloiza gave some epic tips and practical demonstrations on capturing content, and mastering that elusive perfect aesthetic.


Then? Everyone stuck around for a cocktail party, team TDP got a little loose with the prosecco and cured meats, and we got to know our attendees as people, too, because that human element? #important.


Then, day two dawned and it was time for a journey into the world of paid content, via the Facebook Ads platform. We looked at how a paid strategy runs alongside your organic content to uplift and support it, and our strategy team swept the room to help with strategic and creative ad development [and the odd pixel implementation, because, #businessmanagerblues].


After lunch, it was time to crunch the numbers with a big look at Google Analytics – creating dashboards to see relevant results, unpacking the abstract and getting up close and personal with the back-end [ahem.]


Our attendees? A bunch of actual legends. Seriously, we couldn’t have wished for a kinder, smarter, more excellent group to roll this weekend out to. Thank you for making a working weekend a joy for my team.


My team? Above and BEYOND. You told me to leave it to you, and you let me just … rest. To Erin, who was initially [and always] slotted in to present the weekend alongside me [and ultimately stepped in to present the entire weekend solo, and without hesitation]. To our Studio Assistant Rachel, who captained the tour ship with efficiency, prudence and good grace [also, gift bag assembly on FLEEK]. To my wonderful social team, who were so generous with their time and expertise over the weekend.  And lastly, to our event partners who contributed in such a positive way to our tour by way of discount codes, vouchers, beautiful products, snacks, and love-bombing? Thank YOU.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

TDP tour 2019? That’s a WRAP.