When we say the words ‘corporate’ and ‘training’ in the same sentence, we realise that they don’t tend to spark the passion and creativity often associated with our work- the corporate world has long had a reputation for being a little dry, right? 




Corporate training is one of the most diverse, interesting and challenging bits of our agency portfolio, and the more businesses we work with? The more we flex our creative muscles and get innovative with the customised solutions we’re delivering for brands, from high-volume FMCG to not-for-profit and the education sector.


So, in no particular order, here are the 4 things we love most about corporate training!


Sharing our love for content

No question, good content strategy and execution are where our little hearts BEAT. Corporate provides us with an opportunity to not only develop awesome content strategies, it allows us to empower teams in their execution- it’s so great to see team members interacting with each other as the session unfolds and bringing their own ideas to the table in terms of how they’re going to go about rolling our their new and improved social presence.


We get to work with all sorts of businesses

The thing about being a small agency? We’re limited in what we can deliver in terms of volume for an ongoing client portfolio. Our team can service maximum 10 portfolio clients at any given time, so we’re constantly having to give up interesting work to ensure we can continue to do a great job for the clients already paying us. Corporate allows us to have contact with, develop strategies for, and provide ongoing support for the full spectrum of businesses, which we LOVE.


It’s a whole new world for paid ads

So many companies [even often those with large teams] have NO  experience with social Advertising. Often, they’ve got the building blocks for a really well-rounded paid presence- great content and assets, brand presence, high budget and audiences ready to roll, so it’s one of our favourite things to help them combine all of those assets for a really strong introduction to paid advertising- and watching their success as their campaigns roll out across our socials via retargeting, [which we ab.soLUTEly teach them how to do in session].


Turning resistance into wonderment

Sometimes, brands are reluctant to invest in a social presence, and it’s our job to show them the potential of social for the businesses [and more importantly, for their bottom line]. Fortunately? When companies book in with us, their curriculum is completely tailored to their needs and current level, which often means speaking to that reluctance and demonstrating [via some cracking social proof] how we can use social for stronger brand presence, greater share of market voice, and good return on investment. The feeling when that reluctance slowly turns to excitement over the course of the day? BEST.


If you’re on the fence about investing in corporate training for your team, we’d LOVE to have a chat and look at how we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations!