Ever wondered what a day in the life of a social media strategist looks like? If you follow us on the ‘gram you’ve probably got a bit of an understanding already [check out our ‘day in the life’ Instagram highlights for the IRL version of this blog!].  No day is ever the same in agency-land, which is what makes this role so exciting! Keep reading for an insider account [from me, Sav, HAI!] of what a social media strategist Fri-YAY looks like. Admittedly this is the best day of the week because #casualfriday and #danceoffs, but we’ll get to that later!


7:00AM – Snooze alarm. Snooze alarm again. Snooze alarm one more time… and I’m up! 


8:00AM – Start the daily commute. I don’t have a fancy aux cord in my car so commercial radio is my jam. [*sings* smooth ninety one point five, smoooooooth… ninety one point fiiiiiiiiiive].


8:30AM – I always get to work a bit early so I have some time to get mentally prepped for the day. Translation = I need time to get my morning coffee. Luckily, there’s a cute cafe 2 minutes down the road that makes a #seriously good cup o’ joe. 


9:00AM – Arrive in our bright and happy office in Footscray [I actually LOVE this area so much!], say hi to the team [including our beloved office pooch, Coco.].  Fridays are #casualfridays at TDP headquarters – meaning activewear and Birkenstocks are totally acceptable. 


9:30AM – Look over my tasks for the day. Even though this is all mapped out in Asana [if you want a seriously great team management tool, highly recommend this one!], I like to put pen to paper and write down my priorities for the day… just so it’s *visually* in front of me. 


10:00AM – Custom session prep! Creating a custom session for our clients can take 4+ hours of work beforehand, so I like to split this task out over a couple of days to ensure I can really ‘get to know the client’, including their pain points, goals, biggest social media desires [you get the picture!].  By the time our 1:1 session rolls around? We’re practically best friends ha!


12:00PM – Friday team lunch AKA the best lunch of the week. We usually spend most of Friday morning analysing our local #takeout options. And then, we picnic. No, literally, we grab a bunch of cushions, sit in a circle and *lunch* together. Plus, we all properly *lol* at the dance off Friday videos that have just gone live on @thedigitalpicnic’s Instagram. If you haven’t tuned into this yet, do yourself a favour, and tune in. You. Will. Not. Regret. It. 


1:00PM – STOP. Copy time. Around 1pm, earphones go in and I switch into #beastmode to work on our client’s social media copy. I usually find that after a lunch break, I do my best copywriting work. It’s amazing what stepping away from your desk [and having a mental break!] can do for your writer’s block. 2 weeks worth of post copy? DONE!


3:00PM – AKA Facebook Ads o’ clock. There’s nothing better than finishing off the working week with some strategic planning for your #dream client. I spend quality time on Friday afternoons mapping out different creatives and copy options for our client’s Facebook Ads. The key to good creative is ensuring the overall ‘ad tone’ is conversational whilst the content is engaging enough to ensure your not just another ‘sponsored post’ that users scroll past in their news feed. It’s a bit of a process, but once you see that [seriously] amazing ROAS result come through on a Monday? #wortheveryminute


5:00PM – Fri-YAY sign off! Time to say au revoir to my beloved TDP family for the week. After a quick kitchen clean, [Friday afternoons = my turn for kitchen duty] I’m out the door and ready to start my weekend activities, AKA Netflix and a big ol’ glass of wine.