Copywriting is no easy feat, so if this is a skill you’re utilising in your day-to-day, hats off to you amazing human! From one copywriter to another, you’re super impressive, smart and capable. So don’t doubt yourself, ‘kay?


If you’re currently feeling defeated by that big ol’ copy rut you’re sitting in, don’t panic, you’re definitely not alone. We’ve been in that same rut [sometimes for hours!] many a time.


Luckily whilst being in said [copy] rut, we’ve discovered some super practical tips to get right back out of it. So, here’s our list of TDP #copyhacks to kick that writer’s block, RIGHT to the curb. 



  • A banging playlist 


When we need to [seriously] tune out and get in the copy zone, our earphones go in and the volume goes up [like, to the absolute max, ha!]. TDP’ers have varied taste in tunes, so on any given day you could catch someone lip syncing to Elton John, Disney theme songs or Queen B [a.k.a. ‘yonce]. There’s *literally* nothing a banging Spotify playlist can’t solve and we always have ours on [seriously] high rotation. Hey Google, play ‘I Believe In You’ by Kylie Minogue. 



  • Step away from the desk 


It’s amazing what taking a mental break and stepping away from your desk can do for your writer’s block. Go outside, switch off and get some fresh air [and sunshine!]. A fresh mind is the best mind, in our opinion. 


  • Inspiration station


Feeling uninspired? Chances are, that’s what’s stopping your copywriting flow right in its tracks. Listen to a podcast, read a book or go for a walk – inspiration really is all around us! We just need to remember to look up from our screens and focus on the things that inspire us most. 



  • Stop. Collaborate & listen. 


Ask someone to review your copy. Feedback is so important in copywriting and getting a second opinion [and positive validation!], can really help take your copy skills to the next level. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork



  • No better break than a coffee/tea/chocolate break 


Take a 5 minute break and make yourself a big ol’ cup of joe, you deserve it! 

Chat to your teammates, have a few #lols and go back to your computer ready to conquer that copy beast. 



  • Put pen to paper, literally. 


Staring at a computer screen, at the same copy, for hours on end, can become really monotonous. We find that some of our best copywriting is done when we put pen to paper. Write down buzzwords, create word maps and note down all of your ideas. No idea is a bad idea, so get those creative [copy] juices flowing! 



  • Just. walk. away.


Craig David really did say it best. Time to turn off your computer and call it a day. Come back tomorrow with a fresh perspective and new ideas, a good night’s rest will *literally* turn you into a modern day Hemingway [minus the beard!].