Tess here, one of TDP’s Senior Social Media Strategists.


You haven’t heard much from me on the blog before but I thought it was high time to jump in and talk to you about one of my greatest digi-geek passions… influencer marketing.


If you’ve ever discussed influencer marketing with #teamTDP you may actually have heard of me by some of my other names round’ these parts… one being ‘The Influencer Whisperer’ [please note: this was not self-proclaimed, I promise] and the other one is ‘the contra Queen’, i.e I seem to have this little knack at pairing the right goods and/or services with the right social media influencer [who subsequently waives their sponsored post fee, in exchange for good and/or services. I pinky-promise the social media influencer involved in that situation is a more-than-willing participant, and it’s usually thanks to the incredibel research I do to ensure I’m pairing perfectly aligned folks up, and sitting back [and watching the magic subsequently happen].


Personally speaking, I have a long history of being influenced. Actually, I can remember that very first time I bought a pair of SPEKTRE sunnies that I saw on one of the “OG influencers”, Chiara Ferragni. I discovered Chiara’s blog in 2008 [long before the days where Instagram filters ever existed!], and I have never looked back from there if we’re being perfectly honest.


[Fun fact for those playing at home: Chiara has a billion-dollar company these days and more than 17.5M followers].


So why do I love influencer marketing so much, you ask? In my mind, it’s one of the most exciting parts of social media marketing in that it holds so much [completely transformative] power for the brands that approach it strategically. And that power? Well, I’ve experienced how truly incredible it can be… and so I’d love to share some of my influencer marketing prowess with you [right here, right now].


If you’re looking for tips and tricks, you’ve come to the right place. I’m about to spill ALL of the beans.  Truthfully? I could speak for days [perhaps even weeks!] on the rise of influencers in the digital world but instead, let’s get started on some cold, hard influencer marketing tips, shall we? You ready? I’m ready.  Good, less’GO!

Do your research peeps


I can’t tell you how many times way back in my early influencer outreach days that *not* spending enough time scoping out the landscape and relevant individuals… came back to bite me in the you-know-what!


When you’ve got limited time and money [and that’s the majority of folks we meet within our workshops], these mistakes can be enough to convince you that it’s a fruitless pursuit, when in actual fact? It’s your lack of research. For example, fitness/lifestyle models that were promoting a bikini brand for a client [when their audience is 60% male], or a beauty blogger located in Melbourne coming to a Melbourne-based beauty salon [with overseas fake followers].


#icried #idefinitelyCRIED


Since then though [and especially when I do paid campaigns], I always ask the influencer to take a screenshot of their back-end insights + demographics for me. TBH? When they are a *gewd* influencer, they’ll actually straight-up offer this to you. So yeah, ask for those stats.

Personalise and humanise your message


“Hi, do you wanna collab?”


Everyone’s least favourite message, if we’re being perfectly honest.  You [as the business owner] don’t like receiving this, so don’t send that same non-personalised, generic rubbish out.  Actually, you’d be surprised at how many brands still send generic messages like this to influencers [and believe-you-me, they screenshot that sh*t to their influencer mates, and they all have a good-ol’-LOL at the lack of personalisation / research].


Please do the following; bother to find out their name [bare minimum]. Stalk their most recent posts > comment on recent stuff they’ve spoken about > do your research > find out their partner / fur babies / kids names / etc. [and talk about the people that matter to them, too].  Know what they’re aligned with, and what they’re not aligned with, and if they’re recovering from alcoholism? … please don’t offer to send them a gift hamper filled with wine at Christmas time [yes.  I’ve seen this happen!].


Find the mutual connection between you [the brand] and them [the incredible human being that has the potential to get your brand in front of far more – perfectly suited – people].  Once you have all of that information, you’ll then want to craft a very personalised message, and I promise you, it’s the personalised stuff that stands out in their [overflowing] inbox.

Shoot for the stars


One of the reasons I think I’ve worked with so many amazing influencers, is that I have no fear of rejection [p.s proud puffed out chest moment? My biggest influencer win was definitely Zöe Foster Blake].




The fear-based stuff like “but what if they say no / they’re so big, why would they want to work with xyz brand / they have so many followers, and this is just little old me” just doesn’t even enter my mindset, mostly because I’ve had so many unbelievable [and resounding] yes’ in my time, that I no longer live in fear of the no.  And actually, the thing I fear the most now? … is *not* asking, because I’ll never have known which “yes” I might have missed out on, simply because of silly fear-based stuff.


So? Pop those bigger influencers on your list, and ask [hate to go all Nike “just do it” on you, but it’s truly the best advice I can give you]. It’s with years [and years!] of experience that I can tell you this, you’ll be so surprised by how many yes’ you might not have known were even a *remote* possibility because you just-didn’t-ask.



Guys? These x3 tips are just the tip of the iceberg.  There’s so much more I wanna share with you, but alas, I’d go over the recommended 400-600 word count for blog posts [and we can’t have that!].


Why don’t you join me at our next influencer marketing masterclass here, or book in for a 1:1 custom session with me here [where I’ll map out a 12 month influencer marketing plan for you, plus so much more].


I’d love to meet you in person!


Tess. x