It’s about that time of the year where the younger folk among us [and some more mature legends] are planning on their big transition into Uni life. For some, it might be galavanting off on a gap year with gusto, and others? Dealing with the disappointment of not obtaining their preferential position. You know, the one that they’ve studied their little heart out the last 2 years for? Yeah, that one!  Here’s how it went down for me [Mel, TDP’s resident life long learner]. 


My key takeaway from High School was that making a career decision at 16 years old wasn’t for me. Im the girl who achieved decent grades without really applying myself. Older and wiser Mel is both shaking her head incredulously and also cheering because it’s all worked out perfectly. 


I obtained a respectable OP score [#haiQLD!] and then deferred a nursing degree for two years because something deep down in my gut told me University just wasn’t going to make me happy long term, mostly #shiftwork and #mytwenties. Ultimately? I was simply *picking* a career path for the sake of university application deadlines. There was life to be lived and my soul was never going to settle until I clocked some good free-spirited years first. 


So, I travelled, I fell in love, lived overseas, got married and created my own family for what many considered *too long* [#thanksBoomers]. During that time though, I completed a Diploma in Building Design, where my love of design began, and importantly I tinkered away at *actual* interests. I explored, changed my mind, got frustrated and had a crack at a few startups. I also worked some really SHEET-EEE roles [I was actually shown how to put a postage stamp on an envelope at the ripe old age of 30 sumthing #DED]… All of which older Mel is incredibly grateful for because those experiences lead me [and kept me] on the path to Social Media. I’m a lifetime learner, it’s where I thrive.


For me, it turned out the thing that scared me and I agonised over failing at? That thing I couldn’t help but research and read about and talk to friends and family about [and ultimately advise them on…at every.bluddy.gathering]? The thing that excited me? That was my PURPOSE! 


I won’t lie, I took the long way around, but it was certainly an enjoyable way and I yielded years of happiness + invaluable experience from it. Sure, I’ve worried that not having been to Uni would be unearthed mid-job interview like the sound of your recycling bin being emptied over Christmas to the neighbours. But now, in TDP land? The genuine love I have for my role is recognised [and lawdy I.LOVE.IT!]. My team loves my emotional intelligence [that’s right, actual positive recognition for being an emotionally attuned person #soempowering!]. And above all, those shitty jobs I persevered through with my big-picture role in mind? They’ve really made me appreciate the heck out of working in the happiest place on the internet!! 


So thank you young Mel, you were years ahead of yourself. Following your heart has lead you to exactly where you were always meant to be.