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This weeks blog post is written by our resident #shyboi Senior Social Media Strategist Sam [try saying that 5 times fast!!].


It may shock some people, but I didn’t join Facebook until 2012. In fact, my resistance to the platform was so real that when I graduated uni I could never have imagined I’d be working anywhere near social media for the entirety of my career. 


My avoidance of trends has been something of a trend in itself. After Facebook, I avoided Twitter for another two years and decided to finally launch into Instagram at a personal level three years ago [I’m more about the copy lyf than the flash photography #shyboisam]. 


So when I heard about Tik Tok, I didn’t want to be late to the party again. If there’s one thing my platform resistance has taught me, it’s that the more you delay jumping onto a platform, the harder it is to think about the platform strategically at a client level. So with a sense of cautious confidence in hand, I did what any self-respecting shy boi would do and signed my dog up to Tik Tok [shameless plug for @hugothehappylappie]. 


Here’s what I learned:


Followers are less important


In one week Hugo has generated over 2.3k views on his content, 650+ likes and 200 followers. While definitely not Kim K numbers [Hugo won’t be launching his own cosmetic range anytime soon], it’s positive organic growth built only on content. 


The most unique thing about the platform is that the feed is designed to deliver unique content to the “For You” page [#fyp].  As a result, good content is prioritised to live for a longer time so you can focus on creation for growth instead of audience outreach. 


@hugothehappylappieWarning: Viewer discretion is advised. #dogsoftiktok #dogs #danger #meme #jaws #doggo #bork #bite #finnishlapphund♬ Jaws Theme – Jaws


There’s a strong share culture


Scroll through the explore section of the app and there’s one thing that’s clear as day, the challenge culture of TikTok inspires more content and creativity from its users. And while you’ll never see me in a dance challenge with my fur baby, the trends in the explore section do give you a content pillar to immediately work with. 


That’s part of the appeal of the platform, unlike Facebook and Instagram, TikTok has themes and challenges right in front of you to inspire your creations. 


Gen Z lives on the platform


I’ve been working in social media for over six years now and people are still talking about the importance of marketing to millennials. To highlight the time-lapse of this discussion, I had a healthy head of hair when the conversation started… The age bracket of Gen-Z is now 4 – 24 years old and if your brand is serious about attracting a younger audience then there’s no doubt TikTok is the place to be. 


Of the 200 followers and 650+ likes Hugo has amassed in the last two weeks, I’d be confident that at least half are under the age of 24 [TikTok analytics don’t show age at the moment].  


@hugothehappylappieAir Floof. #dogsotiktok #flychallenge #meme #ibelieveicanfly #dogchallenge #dailyfloof #doggo #floof #bork #flyhigh♬ I Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly


Post reincarnation is a thing


My very first post to the platform was exactly one week ago. The results were positive with over 150 views overnight, but it was hardly internet-breaking. Regardless, I decided to persevere with the platform and tried to post once daily. Two days later, like Novak Djokovic after an unnecessary medical timeout, my original post had gained momentum again. Adding another 900 views and 150 likes to our account. 


Thinking it might have been dumb luck, we pushed forward with one video a day before another old post performed the lazarus effect and reignited our account. The more unique thing about TikTok’s algorithm is that it’s always looking for different content to put in front of a user’s For You page and sometimes that means re-launching your old content [and we’re not talking about a handful of views or likes, we’re talking about a legitimate second life for that post]. 


It still takes work


Finally, I’d hate to sound like a Pantene advertisement, but as far as success goes; it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Every boost our profile received came on the back of being on the platform and sharing new content. Yes, because of the nature of the algorithm, there’s definitely more of a chance that your post goes viral on TikTok compared to other platforms, but to stay at the top it’s going to take a healthy serving of consistency and a decent splash of creativity. 


*Hugo is currently on a journey to become the pupfluencer of his generation and can be followed on TikTok and Instagram at @hugothehappylappie


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