At The Digital Picnic, we live and breathe social media marketing [*literally* ha!] so of course when it comes to anything #social media and #trending we always want to be two steps ahead.


Full disclosure? We’re already starting to implement key social media trends for 2020 into our own social strategy, client work, workshops and online curriculum [so our beloved TDP’ers can be ahead of that 2020 curve with us!]. 


2020 is going to be a HUGE year for social media marketing and we’ve got our TDP crystal ball at the ready to help map out your social media strategy, one trend at a time. 


Ephemeral content won’t be *disappearing* any time soon


If you just whispered “WTF is Ephemeral content” to your computer screen, don’t worry we’ve got you! Ephemeral content is content that’s available for a short period of time [think Instagram Stories and Snapchat!], and despite the irony, will be hanging around for a lot longer than originally anticipated. So, if you haven’t been active on Instagram Stories, it’s time to add this to your social strategy….stat! 


New *social* possibilities 


Facebook and Instagram have always dominated the social media landscape, but if 2019 taught us anything, it’s that there are definitely other suitors vying for that social crown [as well as those 1.8 billion monthly active users!]. Tiktok is a prime example of a new social media video platform that dominated the industry in 2019 [the app was downloaded over 1.8 BILLION times!] and we have major *regrets* for not jumping on the TikTok bandwagon sooner! So for any marketers wanting to tap into that Gen Z demographic?


Or ya know, you could just hold off until Instagram inevitably bring out their own version of the popular app #lol.  


Get some fresh #inspo on how to use TikTok to ace your social media marketing here.

Shoppable social is gonna steal yo’ savings 


Our resident online shopping specialist [aka our Head of Social, Michelle] is pretty damn excited about this one!


Social is quickly becoming the new storefront for retailers errywhere, with businesses seeing a huge surge in sales coming directly from social media [oh haiii Facebook Ads ;)]. 


Currently, shoppers are mostly browsing social platforms to discover new products and engage with brands [new dress, who dis?], transacting outside the app on a company’s website. 


However, this experience is about to become a whole lot more holistic as social commerce becomes a more mainstream shopping channel. And spoiler alert? Instagram is currently testing a ‘checkout on Instagram’ feature which will enable shoppers to checkout without ever needing to leave the app [yep, see-ya savings]. 


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AR will continue to be all up in our feeds


So you know those questionnaire stickers on Instagram Stories that everyone is currently obsessing over [ahem, what Disney princess are you though?] 


Well, that’s all thanks to Facebook’s Sparks AR Studio which allows users to create and share augmented reality experiences that can be utilised across Facebook’s family of apps with the potential to reach billions of people [yep, BILLIONS!].


So, if you want to [seriously] increase your brand awareness this year with fun, engaging and interactive customer experiences, it’s time to add AR filters to your strategy… stat!


Influencer marketing is key


Influencer marketing is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon, in fact it’s predicted to be a $10 billion dollar industry by the end of 2020 [*gasps*]. 


But with vanity metrics including ‘likes’ being removed by Instagram, brands are starting to invest more $$$ in authenticity and brand alignment. And guys? It turns out less is actually more when it comes to influencer marketing. 


In 2020, we will start to see a huge rise in Micro and Nano influencers [small followings = big influence], with celebrity and big-name influencers becoming less enticing due to huge retainers and low engagement rates. 


Although millions of followers can appear extremely promising from the outside, this doesn’t necessarily equal brand engagement and we have seen some huge #influencerfails from brands investing too much money … in the wrong ambassadors. 


2020 is the time to invest in meaningful influencer relationships and whilst followings of 10-50K may not seem huge, trust us, micro-influencers tend to have a FAR more engaged audience than the big guys.


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