It’s safe to say our TDP socks have been legitimately blown off since the launch of our brand new VIP program that kicked off in Feb! In fact, the incredible inundation of rave reviews has most definitely caught us by surprise, given we’re still at such an early stage of the program.


So what has made this offering such hot property so soon? We’ve put it down to a couple of key factors.


We teleported Cherie… [kinda].

While Cherie’s first love for teaching social media no doubt began in workshops [#lesigh], it’s been hard to ignore the cries to innovate our beloved TDP curriculum for online learning.


Our VIP’ers are ERRRYWHERE. We’re in Melbs, and not everyone, understandably, can simply up and day trip it. So you betcha we took that on board, shimmied our way through a little biz pivot and packaged our very best content into one meaty, *online*, 12 month course! And this time? We’ve quite literally put Cherie into peoples studies, lounge rooms and offices [teleporting at your service, LOL!] all over the globe. All at times that suit THEM with 24hr access, no less, and Cherie doesn’t even need to get on a plane! #lovethatforher


It’s a snackable feast.

Cherie dug really deep when considering the curriculum for this course. The fact that TDP began as her own personal side hustle was a big consideration for those out there that are perhaps embarking on, or are mid way through their own. She knew time is of the essence, so meaty, but bite sized content would be a necessary offering as a digestible feast or a snackable lazy-susan situation. She knew 1:1 *safe* question time would be crucial and we actively encourage even the smallest of queries. So Facebook LIVES + message threads it would be. And finally? Cherie really wanted to provide access to TDP’s personal favourite industry mentors. That alone is GD near invaluable, so delightful guest speakers, ploise form an orderly line, ha! *rolls out red carpet*



We humanised the heck outta it!

We’ve all had that PDF download that provides you with some great ideas but sometimes leaves you scratching your head, muttering questions into your laptop into the wee hours, right? Our entire team understands how incredibly hard it is to get real-life help online [lookin’ at you Facebook chat ?]. So ensuring that our entire offering was sprinkled with a human element [by way of Cherie herself and the TDP strategists] was a crucial inclusion from a training perspective. And you better believe our entire Strategy team responded with a resounding HELL.YES.CLONAN when she presented us the OG mud map on her office wall, ha!


As dedicated lifelong learners ourselves, boy-o-boy do we GET IT! We’re all *so* invested in this course, its curriculum and importantly? Every.single.person who has signed up to it. We want them to graduate dripping with confidence and fuelled with knowledge and possibilities. And come Feb 2021? We’ve got a sneaking suspicion we’re all gon’ be sitting back in our chairs, proudly grinning into our iMacs like the proudest GD team on the planet. #fingerscrossed