So it’s January 2020, and we don’t know it yet … but there’s [allegedly] a bat in a wet market in Wuhan that’s going to wreak-some-havoc pretty soon.  The thing is though, you can’t really picture [at this point] how that’s going to impact you and so you find yourself saying, “wow.  Intense.  But glad I’m all over here … safe in Australia”, and then bang.  Fast forward to March 2020 and so many of us [so so many] are being unexpectedly stood-down at work.


Sound familiar?


Firstly? If you’ve been CV-19 impacted work-wise … I wish I could reach my hands through this screen right now, because I’d be pouring you your beverage of choice and I’d be hugging the life out of you! But y’know, social distancing is a #bish like that, so I can’t.


Instead, i’m rolling in here to remind you that even though this currently feels like the ab.solute pits? All is not lost and perhaps this is just the start of your next chapter? So, here’s my tips on how you can high-kick said new chapter off with enough pizazz to leave Jackie Chan smiling on with admiration. #hiya!





Allow yourself to grieve. #causethisisshit


If there’s a positive to take from this crappy situation you’ve found yourself in, it’s gotta be knowing that this was in NO WAY your fault. Not one single bit of it. Your boss likely ugly cried before and after they stood you down. Because your work, your work ethic and your presence were valued more than you’ll know. This is purely the outcome of a global pandemic. So order Uber Eats, buy a bottle of wine and howl down the phone to your bestie/mum/significant other and allow yourself to cycle through the 7 stages of grief. You’re allowed to feel each and every one of them right now.



Refresh that resume [and stand out from the crowd!].


While the details of the role you’ve just left are fresh in your mind, make the most of your new found time and update your resume. Remember, there’s going to be a lot of competition out there so you’re going to need to put your very best foot forward. Some things to keep in mind are:


– Keep it short – Your resume should be your professional highlight reel [of sorts], not a memoir of your life’s work. Nobody has the time [even in #iso] to read through 6 pages outlining the nitty-gritty of your adobe skills, as fabulous as i’m sure they are. You can give a really great outline of your strengths and experience in one page. #promise
Save the heavy detail for the job interview you’re about to land, yeah?


-Stand out from the crowd


Is it time to level up your document presentation? There’s a tonne of inspiration and ideas on the glorious interwebs. A quick Pinterest search or scroll through Canva templates and you’ll be bursting with ideas that’ll make that res’ie of yours, POP! It doesn’t need to be a high definition infographic, but a bit of colour, pleasing fonts and an image of yourself will show prospective leads you are going the extra mile. Not to mention memorable. Or if you’re feeling particularly brave, go the full monty and create a video resume! #thefutureisvideo


Image source: Canva


Get Social [savvy]!


Being in digital marketing, you’ve got the skills you need already at your fingertips, and there’s no time like the present to cash in on ‘em, yeah? Don’t underestimate the power of your contacts, social media for social good is REAL. A simple CTA in your feed coupled with a few stories could send a firecracker of chain reactions off, sparking new leads and possibilities that you didn’t know were out there. And don’t be too proud to ask those around you for help too. That next perfect role could be searching just as hard as you are for Mr/Mrs right [AKA you!] in the form of a friend, of a friend, of a friend. You never know.


Keep in mind how far LinkedIn has come in the last few years. It’s a brilliant place to showcase your career. So snazz up that about section, request recommendations from your previous manager and/or colleagues and make your LI profile sparkle with experience. Don’t forget to link up examples of your work where possible, it’s the perfect opportunity to put your work forward and let it do the talking for you.


LinkedIn also offers the “open to jobs” function that makes you discoverable to recruiters and companies looking to fill new roles. Don’t worry, there’s a setting to keep it from being public on your profile so if you’re keeping this under wraps for now, it won’t be on a billboard for your entire network to see. #HaiMum


Video is your friend!


With the world in lockdown, you can expect all potential meet and greets to be of the up-close


variety. Hello video, we meet again old friend! I mean I get it, Instagram Stories alone can leave many of us shaking in our ugg boots without the added bonus of being able to watch yourself navigate interview questions. #awks!


Practice is key, so set up your computer and start recording mock interviews. Zoom your bestie and get them to run you through some of the questions you expect you’ll be asked [wine is optional at this point].


Focus on familiarising yourself with Zoom/Skype functions [you don’t want to accidentally share your screen #eek], and know where your camera is to maintain eye contact and plan where you will be placing your notes and/or prompts. All the perks of video interviews IMHO. When you watch it back you’ll instantly be able to see exactly what works and what you need to tweak for the real deal. #youvegotthis!




This CV19 beast is the bluddy Godzilla of our generation. It feels like it’s swinging at full tilt from Melbourne’s Eureka Tower RN but try to remember that it will eventually come to an end.


You’ll find work again. TRULY!


Not only is this a tumultuous time for employees, but also employers. Companies are working at a slower pace and treading incredibly cautiously, sure. But this is temporary, and believe it or not some are still hiring. The landscape is changing drastically each and every day [sometimes by the hour]. But isn’t it nice to think that when that phone call does come in [off your dazzling new resume and freshly minted LinkedIn profile *wink*], that you’ll be able to nail your interview in your freshest threads up top and trackies and slippers under the table, with your interview notes lovingly taped to a weetbix box… just out of camera view? ?


In the meantime, the TDP team will wholeheartedly be cheering for you! *cue the pom poms*