When it comes to things I LOVE [capitals very intended] about social advertising the list is mighty long… 



If you’ve ever been in one of my workshops, you’ll probably know this first hand as I spend a good ol’ 8 hours or so listing them out, one by one, with that familiar digi-geek glint in my eyes. I’ll try and keep this a *little* bit shorter today though, and explore just one of my absolute favourite aspects of using Facebook advertising to reach, engage and convert your audience … drum roll please … personalisation. 


As these social platforms up their tech game [love your work Zuck] these capabilities continue to grow and grow and *seriously* grow, but already, the opportunity to tailor your ads experience to the individual are many … and kind of impressive and well worth being included in this blog post! 



Dynamic Creatives 


Why do the hard work in trying to figure out what’s going to work best for your audience, when you can get Facebook to do it for you!? No brainer, right?! 

As you’re probably well aware at this point [especially if you watched The Great Hack] Facebook knows wayyyyy too much about every one of us. Honestly, it probably knows you better than you know yourself, especially when it comes to your content consumption habits and all-important purchasing behaviour! 

That means for every individual that you’re delivering your ads to, it’ll take all of that magical algorithmic data and adapt your creative to be most likely to resonate to that particular individual. 

It may take a little bit more set up but it’s well worth trying as a way to tailor your experience to most suit each and every user. 



Retargeting with Dynamic Creatives 


Let’s take that dynamic creative one step further and add in some retargeting. 

If you’ve ever shopped online, you’re probably familiar with being pulled away from your cart [realising you made a plan to save, oops] only to find that exact sparkly, pink dress [how could I possibly resist now!?] the first ad you see in your news feed. 

Dynamic retargeting, using your product catalogue, really is the perfect way to hit the relevance nail on the head at a personal level, with your ads. 

This is one of our absolute favourite strategies for ecommerce brands, and it’s because *this* kind of personalisation delivers the goods [hello purchases, cha-ching!]. 



Pain pointing like a boss 


With so many amazing targeting options available through social advertising, you can effectively message-match your copy to your audience, like no one’s business. 

I can’t think of a better time to put those pain points [well and truly] to work, with ads that speak to the individual and make them feel seen. Now that you’re speaking with your audience rather than at [yasss queen!], you’re also going to want to use language that matches their own and feels like it’s coming from a human, rather than a hoity-toity brand. 

It’s the brands that put themselves in their audience’s shoes [and I mean all of the different facets of their audience] that reap the rewards through their advertising. 



Customer journey on point 


Coming back to those shiny and fabulous retargeting options, you can get all kinds of fancy in designing a fabulous customer journey for your audience. 

Again we’re talkin’ high levels of relevance when you think about the individual customer journey and it just makes all kinds of sense, both for the user and also the brand! 

Time for a good old-fashioned flow chart we think, as you tackle how to put together a personalised customer journey that will not only get your conversion, but also endear that person to keep coming back to your brand again and again.




Whether you’re using the above tactics and features or not, the absolute biggest piece of advice I could give anyone approaching social advertising, is to put your audience first. 

When a user logs onto social media, they’re entering their own little tech universe of friends, family, communities and brands they’ve chosen to follow. If you barge on into that very sacred space with something that doesn’t fit them just right, that scroll past only takes a fraction of a second!