When it comes to our advertising, it’s easy to fall in the same patterns when it comes to our audiences and exposing our campaigns to the type of people we want taking action. 

If you’re looking for some new audience options to try and give your results a little lift,  here are a few we’ve had success with recently.



IGTV views


The advent of IGTV has given brands and businesses an opportunity to capitalise on the power of long form video for endearment and exposure with existing audiences, but they also have the power to supercharge their ads by retargeting those viewers with a product or service.  To retarget IGTV views, create a Video Views custom audience in the audiences section, select your Instagram profile as the source and choose the IGTV video in the dropdown. You can keep your audience broad if you need to for volume, or break it down to just the most engaged viewers if your audience is a healthy size. 


Videos shared in a group


We’re often asked how to target members of certain groups with advertising, and officially – you can’t. We have one workaround though, which involves sharing a video from the page into said group [you can hide it from your timeline if you’re *only* wanting to target the group] then create a video views audience of people who watched a portion of that particular video- and voila! You have an audience from that group.


Refined lookalikes


If it’s cold audiences you’re after, we all know that lookalikes are a great way to capture the attention of people with whom you don’t yet have a relationship. However, spending a little bit of extra time refining those audiences for purchasing intent can pay dividends at the bottom of your funnel. We’d encourage you to take a look a the breakdowns of past campaign performance and take a look to see if there are any age groups or geographic regions that are consistently high performers, then place some additional restrictions on your lookalikes based on purchasing intent- so you’re showing your top funnel content predominantly to people who are more likely to make purchase at the business end of your funnel.


Up-sell audience


The up-sell feature [on the catalogue Sales objective] is a great way to take advantage of website visits in a new way. Your campaign will showcase products that the user hasn’t yet viewed from a product set of your choice. It’s a great opportunity to entice them with new or back in stock products and we’ve been having some good success for product based businesses using it. Caveat – it can be a little bit of a budget hog, so allocate a spend limit at the ad set level if you like.


As always, let your past performance guide you. If you’ve got one audience that consistently tops the bunch for conversion, evolve your strategy around building volume, integrity and endearment in that audience so you can continue to get results that will drive your business forward. And don’t stop testing!


If you’re interested in finding out more about our online learning options for Facebook ads, you can check out our intermediate online training course here or if a comprehensive week play by play with support from the team is more your style, you can register interest for the next intake of our Facebook Ads Bootcamp with Bobbo and Michelle right here.