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Facebook Advertising for Christmas is a must … now

It’s time to prep your Facebook advertising for Christmas … and if you’re reading Christmas in the title with wide-eyes, you’re not alone. We can hardly believe Santa will be on his way so soon. If you haven’t started thinking about how your Facebook advertising plan is going to lead you through this peak season, now’s the time to start. And we thought be able to lend a hand!
So here’s our advice when it comes to maximising your result this holiday season …

Time to make a plan

We’re now staring down the most competitive time of year to advertise … so being strategic is more important now, than ever before.
Maximising your results this festive season, likely won’t come from one campaign on its own. It’s going to come from an integrated approach to gaining awareness. i.e. winning over your audience and then attracting that all important conversion at the end.
Things start to really heat up around key sales events in November [Black Friday and Cyber Monday]. You don’t want to leave your run too late. You’re best to start now and then scale up, which brings me to our next point…

Build your audiences

Getting started doesn’t need to be going ‘all in’ on conversions campaigns [in fact, it probably shouldn’t be]. Now is a great time to start building up strong warm audiences.
This is valuable, because as competition intensifies, it can become expensive to reach your target market. So knowing that you’ve got an engaged audience [that knows and has affinity for your brand] will help your activity succeed.
We recommend using either engagement, traffic or video views campaigns. These can be a very cost effective way to win over your audience and capture them for your future retargeting.

Personalise where possible

Christmas gets pretty noisy as a user on social media.
With so many brands competing for attention, it’s going to be the content that’s most relevant to the user, that captures attention and gains results.
This is where Facebook’s dynamic ads come into play. With your product catalogue, you have an amazing power to retarget the user with the products from your offering which are most relevant to them.
Pair your ads with copy that speaks directly to the user, and you’re onto a winning combination for success!

Ramp up your Christmas messaging

As someone who has a Christmas-themed headband and outfit, for every day of December … it’s safe to say I’m pretty happy to see Christmas messaging on my feed from July. But not everyone feels the same.
Christmas is a bit of a long content game. You have to get involved early – but if you go too early on the heavy Christmas imagery and messaging, you run the risk of losing momentum or rubbing your audience the wrong way.
We find a phased approach tends to be the most effective. It’s a bit like starting to hum Christmas carols first, before you whip out the Mariah Carey Christmas gold, closer to Christmas.
When it comes to creating your assets, this looks like shooting your Christmas content or campaign with different images … not every image needs to feature a Santa hat. Those images will definitely have their value, but you need a variety that’s going to help you last the distance.

Offer something special

If there was ever a time to stand out, this is it!
Christmas brings a lot of sale activity, so to attract your audience’s attention, you’ll need to bring a bit of the old razzle dazzle.
Think a free gift with each sale, special gift bundle deals or personalised touches that make what you’re offering extra special.
This Christmas is likely to look a bit different than the previous years, so brainstorm the unique needs of your audience. We’re sure that you’ll be able to think of the perfect thing that will help make their celebration memorable.
We hope this makes the thought of Facebook advertising this Christmas feel a little less overwhelming. The hardest part is starting, but you’ve got this in the Santa sack! 😉
If Facebook Ads are still a mystery to you, our courses are calling your name!