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“How can I get music on my Instagram?”


If you haven’t guessed? The general theme of TDP’s blog writin’ lately is, “what question are we asked the *very* most, and how can we therefore turn that into blog posts?” and today’s blog post is currently our most asked question.  As in, we rub our temples in anticipation of just how many times [in so many different places] we’ll be asked this one question.


Today, we’re all over here giving you the best quality answer we can possibly give, whilst simultaneously issuing the disclaimer: we’re not Instagram. #lol


Legalities and arse-saving aside, not having music on your Instagram sucks.  With us not being one of the accounts that are missing out on music [we have music], we can wholeheartedly say we seriously benefit from this feature.  Like, as much as daily.


It’s the ability to express oneself.  Creative expression on a platform that rewards [and absolutely embraces] creativity.  The endorphins release.  Those same endorphins being released by your followers when you pair the perfect IG story or IG reel] with that perfect tune.  It’s the way that music feature does all o’ the right things to help you build something really good, and really solid, and really conversion’y.


Ya know?


So, whadd’ya do when you don’t have the feature? … I’m here to offer xyz potential solutions for the folks missing out on the music feature;



You can switch to a creator account on Instagram, which 99.9% of the time brings le music.



Now, before you run off [like, right now] and switch to Creator? Please know that in doing that, you lose the ability to schedule posts on Instagram.  This alone would have me not switching to Creator, because I’m a really big fan of having a life outside of my phone … but if you’re an ad-hoc pro, and really good at posting content on the fly? Go for gold.


So, why does switching to a Creator give you music? I dunno.  Again, absolutely not Instagram.  But a lot of our workshop graduates have done this [please note, it takes 4-5 business days to get music once you switch to a Creator account], and voila … music.


To do this, just go to your Instagram profile > click on settings > scroll down to the Creator button > click that open, and opt to become a Creator account.




 How to switch to a creator account on Instagram




You can drop your Facebook category, which makes Instagram not recognise you as being a “business” on Instagram.



And for many accounts? … that means gettin’ yo’ self some music.


Again, I’m not Instagram, and I’m only sharing things that have worked for us / worked for our workshop graduates, and this has been one o’ them [in fact, this exact suggestion is how we got music on our IG feed, i.e by dropping our Facebook category].


This has in no way negatively impacted us, and only positively impacted us [i.e we have ze musique now.  #yew].


Lemme give you an example a friend of mine whose category is ‘artist’;




IG example of an artist account




So, if she went into Facebook and dropped that category [which would in no way negatively impact her FB account], Instagram would think, “ok, this isn’t a business.  Let’s give this good soul some music”.  And even when they give’th the music? … they still let you keep all o’ the things you need like: Instagram insights information, analytics etc.


Cool, huh?



You could also just take someone’s music from their account



Ya little clepto, you.


But seriously, you can take a person’s music.  All you have to do is watch their IG story feat. music, or watch their IG reel [also featuring their music], then click on the music icon and use it yourself.


Lemme give you an example;



Instagram music example



This is one of my best mate’s [@leahladson] Instagram stories, and if I were to click on that song she chose ‘coastline by Hollow Coves’, I have the option to make that tune mine.


Alternatively, if you click to view any Instagram reel? You can click on the tune within that reel and recreate a video using that song;




Instagram music example #2




No surprises here, but the majority of my reels features dogs, because I definitely love dogs more than humans. #lol.







So there you have it, a couple’a options worth exploring [with no guarantee of success, and a full disclaimer that – again – we are not Instagram], because music and Instagram? … a match made in heaven, and something definitely worth having a crack at trying to get on your own account, yea?






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