Can I tell you a secret?


I refer to every job that I’m in as my ‘dream job’.

I call every job my dream job because I truly believe that each role teaches you something you need to know for the next step. That might look like starting your own side hustle, a new role in a new job, or just taking on more responsibility and being promoted within the same place. Or it teaches you what you love to do, where your boundaries are and what really fulfils you [or doesn’t].

When I was a digital marketing graduate, freshly minted from Monash University with a [very] expensive piece of paper in one hand and my meticulously organised resume and heartfelt cover letters in the other – I landed my first dream job, assisting in the marketing team for one of Australia’s most viral skincare brands.

If you’ve ever worked at a startup, you know that no two days are the same, and you need to be prepared to catch whatever is thrown at you. Exhilarating? Yes. Exhausting? Also yes. But I learned so much across every area of business and I know the hard days prepared me for where I am now.

But landing a role at TDP? The dreamiest of dream jobs? Another level entirely.

But this didn’t come without it’s growing pains, and for those I am so grateful because I can see myself growing into the digital marketer I’m meant to be, day by day. If you’re about to take the leap, here are a few things to look out for.


Be gentle with yourself.


In-house vs agency is a huge jump, which many people tried to tell me. Spoiler alert: I did not listen.

You go from knowing everything about one brand, with very clear tone of voice, objectives and benchmarks, to a whole new role. You’re getting used to several tones’ of voices, ways of working and new programmes that don’t necessarily feel as intuitive to you. You feel a little lost, and so it’s important in those first few weeks to take as much time as you can for yourself.

I started going for 1 hour walks everyday to give myself time away from my laptop and to get out in the fresh air. I found myself rested, rejuvenated and more creative each morning after doing this, and craved that self care time daily. And it made me a better communicator, more creative thinker and way less stressed. Find your own way to relax and make sure you prioritise it daily, at least in the first 12 weeks. Whether that’s exercising, spending time with family, or 3 hour TikTok binges, your mindset and lifestyle are undergoing a massive shift and it’s okay to invest in your down time. 


Ask for help.


I think everyone feels that need to prove themselves when they start a new role. Not only to their new team members and bosses, but to themselves, to prove that they deserve to be there [hello impostor syndrome]. I grew up in an era where you didn’t dream of packing up until your boss had left for the day, so a part of me didn’t believe Cherie when she said everyone usually clocks off at about 4:30pm. I had to see the Slack threads to believe it. Even now, I feel a pang of guilt if I clock off early, but work life balance isn’t just perk, it’s a necessity to ensure you keep delivering your best work day in and day out. 

With all this additional pressure you’ve put on yourself, it’s easy to drown while pretending it’s all okay for your pride’s sake. Thankfully,  the TDP leadership team noticed this and asked me if I was okay. Like, really okay. And shared with me that they were the same in my position, but when you acknowledge that you need help, you will always receive it at TDP. 


Collaboration is key


Another major difference between in-house and agency is the level of trust you have with your team. And you have to have trust, and others have to trust you. And it can be confronting when you’re not used to it, and you can feel anxious about letting people down. Not to mention, learning the communication styles of a whole new team is a challenge in itself. 

Take some time to get to know your team. We’re so lucky at TDP where our individual wins and quirks are celebrated so fiercely. Whether that looks like a morning coffee run, Slack catch up or actively seeking to celebrate the wins,  your team is only there to support you. And when the wins are shared equally between you? Makes them bigger wins in my book.

Now? I’m 12 weeks into my new role and I’m still learning, laughing and growing with the most incredible team I could have asked for.