Picture this.


You’re just scrolling away on your phone during your nightly scroll-a-thon  on Instagram [we all do it]. There’s something on Netflix playing in the background and you’re trying to decide between eating the salmon you bought for dinner or ordering Uber Eats again [ we’d *absolutely* go Uber Eats]. 


Suddenly, your notifications start blowing up and you see an influx of new followers gracing your notification page. And you feel a sense of excitement, but also panic. Where are you humans coming from?! 

It happens, especially when you’re offering something as special as *you* are. 


Someone with a bit of reach gets a hold of your product, or loves a post that you wrote and shares it with complete affection, and their followers flock to your page to see what all the magic is about. 


Now that you’re in that golden moment, how do you make the most of and satisfy this bunch of new faces looking back at you, expectantly?


Introduce yourself.


As you might know, we’re all about humanising your brand here at TDP, because we know the connection that forms when you see the person behind the brand, rather than just a bunch of products, pretty photos and [albeit, hilarious] memes. Learning about them, their hopes, their fears, their humour and their motivations speaks to how closely your values are aligned, and what you can expect from their feed. 


Taking an IGTV, Reel or even just image and caption telling your new followers who you are helps to build that bond and tell them what to expect by having you on their feed. It also shows up on their feed as a priority, as you are a new follower and Instagram wants you guys to get to know each other.  [it loves being a bit of a matchmaker]. Start by sharing a few facts about yourself, such as your name, what do you do and why you started your business or page.


Get to know them


As they get to know you, get to know them! Visit their profiles and leave some, what we like to call, love bombs. The early stages are important in getting to know your new community, and showing interest in them keeps you both on each other’s feeds, while also helping you get some ideas as to what they might be interested in seeing from you. 


Ensure your community management is up to date, too. Do you set time aside regularly to reply to comments, tags and DMs? Nurturing and growing your community is hands down one of the best things you can do for your business, and creating a safe place for them to be themselves. Whether you do this yourself or employ a community manager, finding the time to give back to your community pays off tenfold. 


Diversify your content


Now that you have more eyeballs on your content, it’s a good time to start posting different types of content you may have been meaning to try. 


Been thinking about dipping your toe into video content? Learn about ‘The Last 9’ rule here to see why video content is something we always include in our content. You could also try more Instagram Stories, or an IGTV offering the basics of what you offer. For example, if you’re offering clothing, you could share a video of the 3 trends that you’re anticipating this year. This provides value to to your new followers and helps you gauge what’s interesting to them [ so you can keep it in mind for next time.]


Check your content strategy


It’s hard to predict anything on social media. It’s often the content that you don’t pay a second thought to that ends up going viral. Or a rogue post made while hopped up on endone after a surgery [ Like our Founder, Cherie. True story]. Either way, having a clear content strategy that is aligned to your goals and your brand is the  foundation to take advantage of any unexpected traffic.


Not sure where to start with optimising your social media channels?  Our One Day Strategy Deep Dive has got you covered.


We’ll go through the confusing stuff like algorithms, engagement and how to grow your platforms. We also delve into your content strategy and how you can ensure this is always in tip-top shape and ready for when you do receive that sudden influx of followers.