So, do you really need to be on LinkedIn?

I mean, no, you don’t really need to be on anything you don’t want to [or that subsequently has you feeling stretched too thin] … but as your resident digital marketer who – quite literally – fell head over heels in love with this platform in 2020, I wanted to waltz in today [or tonight, whenever you might be reading this post] to introduce you to some of the [many] reasons why you might wanna consider this platform and, uh, consider being on it in 2021 [and beyond].


In LinkedIn land? Your content is scored by real life human beings, and not robots


And if I’m being honest? I think this is just about my very favourite thing about this platform. Like, don’t get me wrong … robots are cool n’ everything, but to think there are still social platforms where content is being read [and scored accordingly] by real life human beings? #gimme.

Now before I go and make big, sweeping statements like “did you know a real life LinkedIn’er reads every piece of content on LinkedIn”, I want to follow this up with the disclaimer: content is first scored by “robots” via the LinkedIn algorithm, but then it does make its way to real life human beings [who are usually the ones responsible for ensuring that the good – and really good – LinkedIn content gets spread farther and wider].

I myself have had a few posts reach 200k+ people, and it was always makes me beam thinkin’ about a real life LinkedIn’er consuming that piece of content and subsequently deciding, “yep. The world needs to see a little [or a lot] more of this”.

Thanks, mate.


Organic reach here [currently] reminds us of Facebook, circa 2010


This is a screenshot of Cheries LinkedIn post. It features the post caption along with a picture of our previous offices at Whitehall Street. There is a white desk with two iMac computers and two white office chairs. A very colourful painting hangs on the wall next to the desk and a faux plant sits in front of the artwork partially obscuring the art from view. The plant is green and sits in a pink pot.

No big deal … just a quarter of a million people reached with x1 high-impact post.


Remember being back in 2010 and if you were a marketing professional, you’ll most likely fondly remember enjoying the ease with which you could clock up stupidly good reach on Facebook, yea?

Well, yea, that’s LinkedIn. 

Like, right now.

I feel like if you ever wanted to sit and map out a seriously strong strategy for your business on any particular platform, you’ll feel most rewarded mapping out [and implementing] a strategy on a platform that’s very-much-so smack bang in the middle of its “glory days”, ha!

Instant gratification, anyone? #lol

Jokes aside, tho … if you’ve been watching all of the early adopters of Instagram Reels dance-and-point their way to 50k followers in 50 seconds, or the early adopters of Clubhouse audio stream to 50k rooms in 50 seconds wishing you yourself were an early adopter: but you’re not a Reels’er or Clubhouse’er, maybe LinkedIn is for you?

My company has only been making a concerted effort on LinkedIn for just under a year now, and it has [in less than a year] become the second biggest driver of traffic to TDP’s website [overtaking our Instagram account with its 50,000 followers. #JustSayin].


This is a platform that is – by design – the most incredible way to amplify voice


So I mentioned that my favourite thing about this platform was the [real life] human element to ranking content on LinkedIn … but right on par with that is LinkedIn’s ability to amplify voice.

Like honestly, step right up thought leaders, industry disruptors and changemakers, because for some of the reasons outlined above [and so many more] this is a platform that is – by design – made to amplify voice[s].

… and I am [and we are] here for that.


The content you’re served is SRSLY diverse. #GoodbyeHomogenousContent


On other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, I’ve really found that when you leave content scoring and ranking to algorithmic “robots”, you end up with an entirely homogeneous experience [Instagram is especially notorious for this] where I’m scrolling and scrolling and internally screaming for more DIVERSITY.

Don’t get me wrong, my Instagram feed itself is fairly diverse [but I’ve painstakingly made it that way] … but the explore tab? Homogenous, on top o’ homogenous, finished off with homogenous [and a side order of homogenous, just for good measure].

If you’ve ever wanted a platform to make you a better person, simply for having consumed the content shared within it … it’s LinkedIn [and mostly because the truly human element of its algorithm kicks in, and ensures there’s real diversity within your feed there].

I am genuinely a better person for having consumed what I’ve consumed there.




What do you think? Did you learn anything new?

LinkedIn is an incredible platform, and it’s genuinely become my favourite platform [and almost overnight, tbh].

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