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This just in … whether it was accidental or not, you’ve just stumbled your way into something quite momentous in TDP history – the first EVER edition of ‘The Dane Picnic Monthly Wrap Up’ with yours truly, Dane DiCaprio. Think of me as TDP’s version of Ron Burgundy from Anchorman [just without the stache] and you, my beloved reader, well you’re San Diego, just keepin’ it classy.

Each month, I’ll be giving you the lowdown on everything that’s happening in TDP land, as well as the latest social news and all the funnies that had us lawlin’ this month.  Then I’ll be handing over to Cherie [back in the studio, to keep up with this news anchor theme] who’ll be giving you a ‘lil insight into her world of leadershippin’, and we’ll also have TDP’s Mel who’ll be getting creative in the kitchen to give the latest TikTok food trend of the month a try to see if it’s really worth all the hype. 



New office, who dis?


If you’ve been following us on the ‘gram, you might have seen that we moved outta Footscray [bye Felicia] and into our brand spankin’ new office in The Docklands [the Docklands District to be more specific, hello H&M!] and gawsh, we are in LOVE.

The difference it’s made to the 9-5 [and returning back to the office part-time post WFH full-time life] is just … next level. Not just because H&M are a couple o’doors down [so handy when your trousers break halfway through the day] but for me? It’s just really bluddy nice to all be on one floor together. Back at Footscray HQ, we were spread out over 3 floors which was forced cardio none of us ever welcomed. Oh, and the coffee at Peter’s & Co is satisfying my coffee snobby soul. 

I asked my fellow TDP teamies what’s got them fallin’ head over heels for our new digs, here’s what they had to say:

“I love being in the city! Driving out of the carpark and seeing the city lights after work reminds me how wonderful Melbourne is and I feel so grateful to Melbournians and the sacrifices they made during 2020.” – Rach

“I love working in the middle of a shopping district, and being able to pop out to Woolies for last minute groceries, or to Uniqlo for a little retail therapy if and when needed!” – Elaine

“It feels like such a step up into TDP Adulthood! When I made a visit from Sydney, I just felt really proud of Cherie and this beautiful company she keeps on building.” – Cassie 

“Absolutely froth the zip tap.” – Bobbo [for context, we have a tap that pours hot water instantly. It’s blown our minds.] 


Lunch ‘n’ learn with TDP


this is a animated GIF featuring our Lunch and LEarn product images, each frame rotates through one of TDPs brand colours and features written information of each lunch and learn session including topic covered and date it's running


Something big here at TDP? We’ve just launched our $50 Lunch and Learn sessions. I know what you’re thinking, did Dane just make a typo? I did not! These one hour sessions are just $50, and for the 3-4 [maybe even 5-6] golden nuggets of learnings you’ll walk away with, they’re an absolute STEAL. 

So how does it work? Well, you just need to bring yourself, and your lunch [can someone honestly please smash a burrito while we’re presenting, it’ll make our day], and we’ll bring the [social media] learn.

We honestly live to teach y’all the kind of stuff that just has you exhalin’, and having your mental load [significantly] reduced, and feelin’ all empowered-like, and inspired to [effective immediately] practically implement this stuff.

Here’s a ‘lil list of our upcoming sessions: 

Tuesday 1st June – Improving your social media captions

Tuesday 15th June [and Tuesday 20th July!] – Your iOS14 paid ads strategy

Tuesday 6th July – Map your influencer marketing strategy in an hour

Tuesday 3rd August – Design your hashtag strategy in an hour

Tuesday 24th August – Boosting your Instagram Stories game 

P.S. – I’ll be hosting that last one and I am STOKED.

[P.P.S – Pretty please buy a ticket so I’m not eating lunch alone!]

Explore the rest of our Lunch ‘n Learn sessions here


It’s not goodbye Tess, it’s see you [and your bebe] very soon


This month we say farewell our beloved Account Director, Tess who is *just* about to have her first little bébe.

Three years ago, Cherie asked her “hey Tess, we are looking for a social media strategist … you wouldn’t have any friends or professional acquaintances looking?” and she replied with “actually, I’d be interested”. Cherie was left speechless. She never expected someone of her professional caliber would want to work with little ol’ TDP. [i.e she would literally be the first of x2 full-time strategists we hired, and TDP were very-much-so a BABY agency].


Image of our Account Director Tess sitting cross legged on the ground with a laptop on her lap. She is looking down at the laptop. Tess is wearing a bright read jumper and black pants, her brown hair is down and parted in the middle with a slight wave. Behind Tess is a light brown rattan cabinet with two doors. On top of the cabinet we see several bottles of Rose cropped from full view in the top left of the image frame.


3 years later and she’s off on parental leave, and she very-much-so played the biggest role in growing our agency to what it is today. We’ve got her back. And we’ve got her bébe’s back. TDP will be giving her 3 months paid parental leave, and paid contact days if/when she needs them, and a flexible return to work if/when she wants it, and all of the heart n’ soul things this company does to lovebomb a parent when they have a baby. We already miss you Tessy, and we absolutely already love your daughter — bring on the cuddles.


‘Ello and welcome to Hugh and Georgia! 


Image of our two new staff members Hugh and Georgia holding two helium balloons each. Hugh wears a white, button down shirt with black pants and tan lace up shoes. Georgia wears a purple jumper tucked into a multicoloured maxi skirt and white sneakers


Two new TDP humans joined the team this month – say ‘ullo to our Account Director, Hugh and our new Social Media Strategist Georgia. In their first week? These good souls got put through their TDP paces in week one with a full team photo shoot [we’re so sorry!] and an embarrassing train ride home with biodegradable balloons and flowers and plants. #lol

We’re all so *so* happy to have you both here! 



No more work-from-home for me.

Oh my LAWD, I am wfh-fatigued. Done. Done with working in a way that [unlike the rest of the world, seemingly. #lol] I am absolutely *not* suited to.

I’m an ‘I’ on the DISC scale. So it means I’m motivated by social recognition, group activities, and relationships. It also means that I prioritise taking action, and I prioritise collaboration.

In the 12+ month COVID climate? … all of the things that I value the most? Well, they just about disappeared. And I adapted, sure. And I fookin’ pivoted, also sure.

But was I happy? Nup. Miserable, actually.

I remember getting out of a strategic meeting once, and I burst into tears. Like, SOBBING. Because it was nearing towards the end of Melbourne’s hard lockdown, and we were all cooked. Zoomed out. Slack’d out. And we were all *so* quiet in our strategic blog meeting … and added to that? We were so Zoom’d out we got sick of Zoom interruptin’ each other, so we just kinda stopped talking at all.

I tried *so* hard to bring an energy to that particular meeting, but I was fighting the un’fightable, i.e end-of-Melbourne’s-lockdown-fatigue.


Image of the full TDP team sitting on a large red velvet couch. All team members are smiling and looking directly at the camera. There is a black and white stripped rug underneath the couch.


So when I got out of that meeting? I cried. Sobbed. Heaved, even. And that’s ok. I’m allowed to. Because I was just someone whose work personality type by its very definition … is *not* suited to fully remote work [particularly over an extended period of time].

2020? It f*cking broke me. Broke my heart. Broke the way I like to work [and work with others] … and this last week back at work has been healing. And it’s reminded me that every tear I have cried, and every frustration I’ve felt, and every time I’ve felt completely and utterly uninspired … well, it’s all been because I was forcibly made to work in a style that’s entirely unsuited to me as a person [and for a lengthy period of team].

Leading a company [and a team] on Zoom and Slack entirely? Never-the-f*ck-again.

Kudos to the good folk who are entirely suited to that, but it’s most definitely not this little i’er [DISC scale] … and judging by how much my heart is pounding from happiness? I’m where I’m meant to be, working in a way best suited to me, and surrounded by people I wanna be surrounded by [my team]. I’m Cherie Clonan, back to Mr.DiCaprio back in the studio.

Thank you Cherie! Now it’s time for some Social Media news to keep you in the loop with all the latest changes here in the digital marketing world. 



Pronouns added to Instagram


In a  b-e-a-utiful update from the folx at Instagram, you can now add your pronouns to your bio.  To add your pronouns, simply hit ‘Edit Profile’ and type in your pronouns. 

This is a screenshot of Danes IG bio showing his pronouns he/him after his account name which is a new feature on IG

Adding your own pronouns to your signatures and social media bios is such a simple way to show that you care about and respect the people who are in that minority [and who are questioned about their gender identity]. It’s a small and easy change but such an important move towards inclusivity in the workplace, and society in general.


Caption stickers to Instagram Stories


Instagram has officially launched their captions sticker for Stories to everyone! We’ve had this feature ourselves for a while, and we’ve found it’s not 100% accurate [it’s still yet to pick us up saying TDP as TDP and not TD P or TDE, lawl] but it’s close enough. We’d recommend giving the captions a read over when it’s populated them, y’know, just in case you’ve said duck but it actually mishears the vowel. 


Facebook is testing new warning prompts to stop users sharing articles they haven’t read!


Screenshot of new Facebook feature including a popup saying 'you're about to share this article without opening it' with a prompt to open the article

Facebook now gives you a warning that you’re about to share an article you’ve not even read yourself in a bid to stop folx sharing news that may be false. As explained by Facebook themselves,  “We’re testing a way to promote more informed sharing of news articles. If you go to share a news article link you haven’t opened, we’ll show a prompt encouraging you to open it and read it, before sharing it with others.” We are so here for this. 


What’s got us lawlin’ this month



We’re going to shamefully kick off with one of our own Reels, cause, well, it’s pretty freakin’ funny if we do say so ourselves. 

At TDP, we receive a LOT of constructive feedback [which we’re well versed at taking on for what it is, i.e constructive feedback], and we don’t receive much [if any] legitimate online trolling but when we do? … you better believe we turn it into inspirational quotes like this trend on TikTok. #lol

Enjoy TDP’s “worst of” right here, ha! 




If you work in Social Media, you HAVE to follow @workinsocialtheysaid on the ‘gram. Just so freakin’ funny and some of these posts? Absolutely hard relate. 

Our TikTok fave funny human of the month goes to Melbourne’s very own Samantha Andrew who gives us some much needed daily chin larfs when we’re in need of a pick-me-up. Thank yew for being so freakin’ funny, Samantha. J’adore you.

The accuracy of her impressions of different teachers is just … chef kiss. Watch, lawl and then hit that follow button.  

Check her out right here!


The TikTok Food Trend of the Month



Over to Mel who’ll be putting the latest TikTok food trend to the test to see if it’s actually worth the hype. Mel, what have you got for us this month? 

Move over feta pasta, the latest food duo to become a TikTok sensation are fried eggs and … um, pesto? TikTok saw a 130% spike in searches for “pesto fried eggs” in the last week after Amy Wilichowski posted up this simple brunch hack.

The recipe is literally so easy. Simply heat pesto in a pan in replacement of oil, spread it around with a spoon and then crack your eggs in and season with a bit of salt and pepper and hey-pesto. 

Mel’s verdict: 

“As a busy mum of three, front row TikTok watcher and a friend of the egg world [seriously, eggs and butter are my ride or die], it’s fair to say I was keen to leap into the frying pan for TikToks latest pesto egg trend. 

If like me, you’re also partial to an eggy breakfast [or brunch – I don’t discriminate on the timing of my eggs except that they should always have a runny yolk and I won’t hear anything different], and you like to round out the day with a pesto pasta or pizza? Chances are you’ll enjoy this little social media masterchef moment. It was quick, easy and delicious.  

Image of Mels take on the TikTok trend pesto fried eggs. A square piece of buttered toast with a fried egg + pesto on top. The toast sits on a black speckled plate

 I whacked mine on a buttery piece of sour dough with Avocado and pine nuts on top cause #GoodFats and #BrainFood. I’d rate this one 7/10 stars – would cook it again.”

Have you tried them? What’s your verdict?


In Sports News … 


We did promise this section to Cherie’s hubby Dave, but I’m afraid that’s all we have time for today. Maybe next month Davey boy?