SEO vs Social Media – What’s the best choice to grow your business? 


You’ve got your business, products and services and a shiny new website all ready to go. But what should you invest in first to get your brand out there and get the traffic flowing? We would always recommend taking advantage of free organic options available, first. But what is better SEO or Social Media?

SEO vs Social Media … What’s the best choice to grow your business?


Why you should invest in SEO


SEO is like the foundations of a house. It’s the structural elements, the plumbing, concrete slab, a steel frame vs. a timber frame. It’s the doors opening into a room and not into a hall and it’s the waterproofing of a gorgeous bathroom. Everyone wants a pretty website, just like they wish they lived in a house from The Block. But styling and design can only take you so far. There’s no point having the most stylish house on the block if it’s a structural mess. Your website’s functionality and experience for your customers is a high priority. Optimising your website for search engines and developing a keyword strategy, should be part of an ‘always on’ strategy for your brand. Hot tip: having a great, functioning website will support ALL the digital marketing you invest in.  


Why you should invest in Social Media?


Social media has become a go-to platform to not only find your customers, but to grow a community too. In terms of marketing, social media is the most accessible and cheapest marketing opportunity a business can have. Gone are the days of placing an ad in the newspaper [unless you are Harvey Norman] and TV’s reach has been decimated by streaming services like Netflix. Using social media to grow your business is a no brainer, and in 2021 we are spoilt for choice, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, or Clubhouse there is an option for everyone to find their people. 

Heck if this lawyer @headandheartestateplanning, this super fund @gigsuperau, and this accountant can do it, so can you!


Sounds great but what’s the catch?


One thing you won’t avoid with both of these options is hard work. Organic strategies are not an overnight success, they take commitment, consistency and require you to listen to your community. And you will always be at the whim of algorithms. But nothing compares to those solid organic foundations, and being optimised for Google and social media puts you a head above the rest. This is your long term, ‘always on’ strategy and every business should invest in both.


What should you do first and why?


If you are service based, I would recommend starting with SEO. User behaviour shows people turn to Google when looking for a service, as their first point of finding the right business for their needs. Google’ing is second nature to us now, and being on page 1 will benefit service based business significantly. 

If you are ecommerce based, I would recommend Social Media. Facebook and Instagram make it very attractive to ecommerce brands, with options to tag products and create shops, at no cost. Working with an interruption model will help people discover you and your products. 

Your very first, non negotiable task is to make sure you have a well built website. This is your home and if social media or Google disappears, then you still have your website. 

If you’re considering building a website or updating a website, I’d recommend consulting a SEO specialist, to help you with the tech-heavy bits. And before you even ask, yes we know a guy! Head this way to chat to a real life Google whisperer – Marcus Dunn

If you want to have a crack yourself, check out the Hawk academy to teach you all things SEO.

If you are feeling like you need some help with Social Media, well a’hem … you know who to chat to … our One Day Strategy Deep Dive is the absolute best first step.

SEO vs Social Media, both have amazing positives to help you grow your business and will be integral to your overall marketing strategy. 

Ready to get started with social media, check out some of our super handy templates to give you a kick start.




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