Your eDM conversion rate is always a hot topic amongst digital marketing folx. And ours? is above average and we’re proud [!!!]
You see, emails can have a bad reputation in marketing. 
The dread of pulling up your promotions tab in Gmail, and seeing 21,736 unread emails. All from brands who are screaming at you, in flashing fonts, about a new product that you need. When you haven’t built a relationship with your audience, this is a sure fire way to see that unsubscribe rate jump.
With endless channels for brands to contact their audience on, emails are an easy way to build a strong relationship with your customers or potential customers. As long as you lead with integrity. 
As a consumer, I love receiving emails and book marking the ones that inspire me and keep me coming back for more. But, I have to sift through quite a lot of junk to find them. 
When I managed emails for a beauty giant, I was familiar with seeing low conversion rates matching the huge email subscriber list we had. I knew this was the industry standard.
When I started my role at The Digital Picnic, I was so surprised to find the existing stats were much higher than what I had learned to expect. The emails that garnered the most sales on our website, were the ones that didn’t push any purchases, 
Like, at all. 
They were usually ones that our Founder, Cherie, penned. Filled with her experiences in business, her family and her neurodiversity journey. They didn’t push sales, but created connections with our audience. Always receiving several replies that were full of awe, gratitude and emotion. 
They were the emails that talked about our business and the initiatives we supported with our revenue. As I toggled between sales based and content based emails, this kept coming up time and time again. We were attracting more sales by being our authentic selves … instead of pushing sales messages.
So how do we do it? Read on if you want to know more. 


Know your customers.


Your email address is your digital address, and it’s important, as marketing professionals, that we respect this. Prioritising our customer’s experience before anything else, especially sales, is important. 
How can you honour your customers and ensure that each email they receive from you gives them value? Hint: Spamming them is not it, sis. 
At TDP, we know our email subscribers well. We know that they are usually business owners, freelancers or marketers. They resonate with our social content, and are empathetic and passionate humans. They’re here to connect with us. To learn about this industry we love and what we do to change that industry, for the better. 
This means that our email content is authentic, earnest and places them first. We share the behind the scenes of our team, the big news, both heartbreaking and exciting. We share our losses and empathise when they share theirs. We update them on our latest courses and online learning we know will be exactly what they need, to push their business forward.


Segment, segment, segment.


Depending on your email provider, you may have the option to segment your audience, based on their interests. Including how they found you or how long they’ve been on your mailing list. You can also see how many of your subscribers have purchased from you before. 
Once you know the different segments in your audience, this is where the fun begins.
What does a group of freshly-minted university grads need to know, that a business owner of 10 years, doesn’t? What products are one group purchasing over the other? What kind of content pushes that open rate up? What emails are impacting your conversion rate?
Segmenting your audience, based on their behaviour and interests, helps you to provide content that is useful, and builds trust. Consumers expect emails to want something from them. Their time, effort or usually, their money.
When you value the diversity in your audience, you can build a brand that’s relevant and inclusive. But this also helps you understand where to place your businesses operational energy. This will save a lot of time and help you to know exactly what products and services your audience needs, to thrive. 


Work on your branding.


Emails are inherently visual, so spend a little extra time designing your campaign emails to appeal to your audience. Visual golden nuggets are a great way to delight your customer as you hit their inbox. 
This builds familiarity with your branding, colours and style. So your customer knows exactly who they are hearing from. Like that Aunt with her signature perfume that you can smell before she enters the room. Being consistent with your branding is a simple way to be memorable. 
Depending on your industry, this can be a simple text-based email. Or have all the bells and whistles with colour, gifs and graphics and more. Whether you’re using Mailchimp or Klaviyo, building a simple email is easy with platforms like Canva, who have templates ready.
These are only a few pillars that have contributed to TDP’s email strategy success. But as digital marketing is always changing, our team review our strategy weekly. We always want to make sure our customers are still enjoying the emails and content we create for them. 
Where do emails sit in your strategy? We’d love to know, so leave us a comment! 
Now, go get that conversion rates, huns.




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