Ello dearly beloved blog reader, Dane here to share a bit of Canva-know-how wisdom with y’all.

Ever stumbled across a carousel on Instagram and wondered how the heck they’ve managed to pop in graphics in between each part that just flows so darn nicely? Well wonder no more, my friend. I have a neat little Canva hack for you..

If you follow us on the ‘gram, you may have already seen me run through how to do this already on one of our recent IG Reels here. My little socks have been absolutely blown off since with so many of you using this little tip and tagging us your beautifully flowing carousels. So for those who are more a blog kinda person than a Reels watcher, read on for the good stuff …



Open up Canva and select ‘Create a design’ and then select ‘Custom size’, in there you wanna pop in ‘5400 pixels’ [width] x ‘1080 pixels’ [height] and then click ‘Create a new design’.

You’ll now have a beautiful long blank Canvas awaiting your creative magic. What you want to do next is add in the rulers by going to ‘File’ and then ‘Show rulers’. Now, you want to drag across your rulers to separate each of your 5 parts of your carousel.

[little side tip: if you want more more 5 parts, click +add page for another x5 parts of your carousel]

First you want to drag the ruler so the purple line reads 1080, and then again to 2160, then again to 3240 and then once more to 4320 which should look something like this …

It’s a little tricky to get the ruler to the exact number, so try zooming in using the zoom feature in the bottom right hand corner to get it spot on.

Now you want to go ahead and brand up by selecting your background and adding your text onto each part of the carousel. [Make sure for that pit you stick between the purple lines!]

Once you’ve got your text in, this is where you can pop your graphics so they go across the purple bars and then throw in some arrows too [which helps to let folx know it’s a carousel and to encourage them to carry on swiping through it].

Now you want to save your creation as a .png file by going to ‘download’, choosing .png as the file type and then hitting ‘download’.

Head to https://pinetools.com/split-image and choose your freshly downloaded Canva masterpiece, select to split ‘Horizontally’, and then your output should be ‘PNG’ and then change the quantity of blocks to 5 then hit ‘Split image’. You can now download as either a .zip file or individually.

Now you can save those 5 assets to your phone, open up Instagram, create a new post, select the first part of your carousel, and then hit the ‘multiple’ option and select the rest of your carousel in order of how you want them to be posted and voila, you’ve got yourself a sexy flowing carousel.

— Like this did ‘cha!?

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