What were you doing when Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp went down? Maybe you didn’t notice because you were busy with your morning routine or hustling the kids to a zoom class.

But in those 10 or so hours, how were your customers finding you? Connecting with you? For Australia, we are mostly locked down, so popping by your store might not have been an option either.

Nothing reminds you to diversify your digital marketing strategy quite like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp going down globally. Yep, you are on rented space so if you have been relying on one channel alone, this is the right time to think about google ads and if it is suitable for you.

So Why should Google Ads be part of your marketing strategy?


7 touch points


It’s well known that the way we seek solutions to our problems has changed with the ability to access information at any time. From the discovery stage of finding a new brand to following them on socials, visiting them in store, signing up to their newsletter for a 10% discount to only make the purchase through a department store because they offered free shipping. In 2021, meeting your customer where they want to shop and staying in the eye sight
And if you are a brand with Australian customers, you can thank lockdowns for fast forwarding our online shopping habits by about 5 years. Yes we will return to the shops once the pandemic ends and lockdowns are a thing of the past. But the last 2’ish years have sped up our online shopping habits and we are not about to let go. WE SHUT DOWN THE POSTAL SERVICE! Thoughts and prayers for Aus post who have run out of space for our online orders.


Search Engine Market Share


You are leaving high intent traffic on the table for your competitors, allowing them to take some of the most premium digital real estate on the internet. Google.
In the past week I have had 2 clients contact me to ask how their competitor is running ads on their business name. Booting them from the first position on a google results page and stealing that high intent traffic. Not only are they collecting your customers but they are wriggling in on market share.
But you rank organically? SEO is great but it doesn’t give you a 100% guarantee someone can’t take those top positions from you and 89% of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused. So just like we see on social, using both organic and paid can give you maximum results.
When google is such a big part of our lives make sure you take that top listing of premium real estate.


Google search for Marley Spoon and the top 3 positions are taken by their competitors.



So what about the results?
On average across all our clients we see an average ROAS of 46 in the past month. Now that is an average, so let’s look a little closer.. The lowest is 13 and the highest … well it’s high! We love google ads for this reason, it helps our clients grow, it gives them great returns and it lets them connect with their customers where they are.


Let’s check out some other stats


  • 46% of clicks go to the top three paid ads in search results
  • 35% of users purchase a product within 5 days of searching for it on Google
  • 65% of small-to-midsize businesses have a PPC campaign
  • Traffic from paid ads have a higher conversion rate than from organic listings
  • 63,000 searches get processed by Google each second
  • 90% of desktop searches happen on Google
  • 73% of the paid search market share belongs to Google – 95ish% in Australia – Bing who?




When should you start using Google Ads?

If you have been thinking about google ads and you offer a solution to a problem then yesterday was the best time to start and today is the second best time to start.
Meet your customers where *they* like to shop, not where you like to show up. Digital marketing should be customer led and there is pretty high chance your customers use google as part of their purchase journey

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