We’re a very lucky bunch at TDP, and one of the main reasons? Definitely the amazing clients we’re privileged enough to work with! We gush a lot internally about how much we love them all, [like, a LOT, ha!] so we thought it was high-time that we go ahead and share that love in a blog!


And in doing so? We’re letting you in on what makes for the best agency/client relationships from our perspective. If you’re ever interested in outsourcing? These are the client green flags to look for to get the best value from your partnership! 


An awesome product/service [and even better brand experience]


This may seem like a no-brainer, but what we’re talking about goes beyond just producing a product or service that’s relevant/desired/needed by their target audience. 

A great product or service also extends to a wonderful brand experience from that discovery phase through building credibility and following up purchases or bookings with incredible customer service. This is what keeps clients and customers coming back, but it’s also what makes our jobs a lot easier as well as giving us reason to feel so über proud to be working with such an incredible biz. 

Another thing that buoys the results we see hugely is consistent and frequent launches to add that newness factor. This is especially important if you’re discounting regularly, as it can become challenging to move stock or encourage enquiries once you go back to full price on the same items/offerings. 


The ability to innovate and change with the market


The last eighteen months have been a doozy for us all. #ThanksRona #lol

On the bright side, it’s also been extremely inspiring for us as an agency to work with so many clients who are so amazing at meeting these challenges with amazing innovations and adjustments. 

From offering free shipping to states in lockdown to keeping it real in content, these haven’t necessarily been the biggest shifts known to man but they have had some big impacts and it’s this willingness to adapt we see as such an important ingredient to success at the moment. 


The wherewithal to stick out the ebbs


While we’re always trying our absolute darndest for our clients to see growth every single month, there can be a number of factors why this just can’t be the case. From external market factors to seasonal impacts, stock shortages and everything in between. 

Realistically there are just going to be weeks and months sometimes that experience a dip in results and that is absolutely normal. 

Our clients know not to knee-jerk react because they’re looking at the bigger picture in terms of their business performance and ready for the rainy days. What we see tends to help with this is having all of the different data points available to understand what’s happening across the board and to see value in the unsung hero metrics that may not be as sparkly as conversions but are also incredibly important to long term success. 

It’s also why we have an entire reporting WEEK dedicated to servicing our clients with some of the most detailed quantitative and qualitative reporting in digital marketing.


Willingness to ask questions


We have many clients on our portfolio who are happy to trust us to do our thing [that is why they’ve chosen to pay us after all] and that’s totally fine but being a training organisation at our core we actually love when our clients do have questions for us. 

Not only does it give us a chance to show off our strategic accolades and empower them with a better understanding of what we’re planning, it also means we’re all able to address any concerns head on and make sure we’re all in alignment. We want to be a natural extension of their business and we really feel like we’re the dream team when we work together with this kind of open communication! 


A marketing plan in place


Planning is everythang when it comes to kicking goals in the social and digital space. 

Sometimes last minute changes have to be made and that’s totally understandable but when we’re working with clients who have a clear idea of what their plan is for the coming months and a strategy to put that in place across a multitude of platforms that’s really when we see those *chefs kiss* level results. 

When we have the time and foresight to plan together we’re able to do our best work and that work just happens to lead to the best outcomes! 


Every one of our clients is different and wonderful in their own way so we could probably go on all day about all of the reasons they’re spectacular but instead we hope we’ve provided some insight into what makes the perfect client from Team TDP’s perspective. 


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