‘Ello TDP blog regulars, and the warmest of welcomes to those visiting this part of the world wide web for the first time! 

I’m back once again to take a break from batching up Instagram stories assets, to share with you a little golden nugget of a hack to make your Instagram stories link sticker look more on brand, now that they’ve FINALLY let all users have access to it. 

Look, I’m not sure what the eff Instagram was thinking when it decided to get rid of the ‘Swipe Up’ feature and replace it with that FUGLY link sticker. Not only does it make my eyes twitch, but at TDP, we also instantaneously saw a huge drop in website traffic, because folx no longer knew how to click on a link to get them to where they need to be via an IG story.

First things first, you’re gonna need a paid account on Canva.com, so if you haven’t signed up to my second favourite website [first being TDP, of caws] then go ahead and register yourself up.

Now you’re a proud member of Canva, select ‘Instagram Post’ and a blank square will magically appear. 



From here, you’re gonna wanna tap on ‘Elements’ over on the left hand side and then under ‘Lines and Shapes’, select ‘See all’.



See where it says ‘FREE’ in the screenshot above? This shape is gonna act as your button. I know it’s square, but we’re gonna resize it so it’s more button-like so go ahead and click it and it will appear on your blank template.



When you click on your square shape, you’ll see little white circles on each corner, as well as those little white lines in the middle of each side of the square. Use these to resize up your object to the size you’d like. Something like the above is perfect. 


Now you’ve got your shape, you can edit up the colour of it to match your brand colours. 




Next, we’re gonna add some text onto your button. So click ‘Text’ on the left hand side menu and then add in a heading. Pick whichever font you like and a colour that’s gonna be nice and readable on top of that button of yours. 


Now, you can type whatever you like. This could be ‘click to shop’, ‘tap here to read more’ etc. Basically, whatever is going to make the most sense to the user to know where they’re going to be redirected to from your Instagram Stories. 



Now we’ve got a very lovely on brand button, we’re going to download it! So hit the ‘Download’ button in the top right hand corner and then copy the settings as you can see in the screenshot above. The most important part here is that you select ‘PNG’ and tick ‘Transparent background’. That’s going to make sure that when you use this in your IG Stories, that the white background will be completely transparent. 


Now you’re going to want to either Airdrop it to your phone or email it over to yourself. Once you’ve got the asset on your phone, you can then add this into your Instagram Stories. 



Now you’re putting together your IG Story, you wanna hop on into your stickers and you should now see in the ‘camera roll’ sticker that your button is ready and waiting for you. 



Now you can throw your lovely branded up sticker over that FUGLY IG link sticker and the magical thing here is that when you load up your story, the link sticker is still clickable! 


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