Image of blog author Cherie who is smiling and probably remembering how amazing she is at creating content marketing strategies


We’ve been specialising in creating content strategies for thirteen years now and we can assure you this, when you incorporate these three recommendations into your content marketing strategy? … you become many of the things you’ve been appreciating in other online brands that you’ve admired for a long time online.

Not copying. No no. That’s the beautiful thing about the three things we’ve recommended incorporating into your content marketing strategy … they look different on everyone.




With eleventy billion different social media accounts to remember, you’ll want to share the kind of content that [months after having posted it] people remember your account so vividly that they regularly search ‘The Digital Picnic’ in the search bar. Which means your content is subsequently hooked into their news feed much more, because the platforms recognise this person is really into what you do. Memorable content [and repeatedly memorable, and preferably for the right reasons] will help you to achieve this.




With a little more effort and care, you can ultimately create content that people can relate to. And if you do that? You win at so much more than just the vanity-metric-obvious [like increased engagement, clicks, shares etc.], because you’ve created something that means something to your followers and they can subsequently see themselves in what you do.




When you consistently build content that’s remembered for the right reasons [memorability], and when you consistently build content that’s relatable, you ultimately build content that endears your audience to you. For example, when I share a photo of myself recording content into the wee hours in my messy wardrobe? That endears. When I share anything related to my Dad [who you all seemingly LOVE!], that endears. When I share my BTS on Instagram stories each weekend? That endears … and it all still has a place on an account mostly dedicated to digital marketing, because after all, we’re all human.


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