‘Ello TDP blog reader! Each month, we’re gonna be giving you the scoop on the latest IG Reel trends and how you can use them in your Instagram strategy. Ya welcomes!


Trend: “Going for a stupid walk”


What’s the trend?: With all those lockdowns of 2021 [*shudders*] came “Stupid Little Walk” season when the highlight of your day was leaving the house one time per day to walk for 2 hours around your 5km radius just to feel something.

They were an absolute blessing at a time when there wasn’t all that much to look forward to on the daily, and even in 2022, the Stupid Little Walk is still embraced and perfectly captured in this Instagram Reel trend. Of course, these walks ain’t stupid at all. Walking is really good exercise and can do wonders for your mental health. 

Think of it as “me doing this useful thing for this really useful benefit but like, wish someone else could just do it for me.” 🙄🤣



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Audio: charlie.w.mumbray•Original audio

Ways to use this trend: 

  • On my way to do [insert task here]
  • Me going for my stupid walk so I can stick to my New Year Resolutions
  • Stupid things I need to do to achieve my stupid goals.


Trend: “Live a life you will remember”


What’s the trend?: When we heard this beautiful cover of Avicii’s ‘Live A Life You Will Remember’, we immediately went to the audio to see how creators were using it. From inspirational quotes over beautiful sunsets, to this mesmerising montage from Sydney artist Amy Lockwood teasing her latest piece, this audio just hits ya right in the feels.


Audio: brownskyx1– original audio

Ways to use this trend: 

  • Use it to show off a product you’re proud of
  • Create a montage of some of your career highlights 
  • Show a day in the life of

Trend: “Nothing wrong with me”


What’s the trend?: This one is for celebrating those little quirks we have and saying “you know what though? There’s nothing wrong with me”, because there isn’t, you wonderful human, you. PS.  I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been singing this out loud to you myself since writing this blog. Nothing wrong with me. 

Audio: whisperingcreekacres – original audio

Ways to use this trend: 

  • Celebrate what makes you … you! 
  • Bust a myth about yourself or your industry
  • Make a relatable Reel about yourself to help others feel they’re not alone


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